The 50 worst movie mistakes you never noticed... until now

20. Crash test De Niro 

The movie: Casino (1995) 

The mistake: Remember that opening shot where Ace (Robert De Niro) gets into his car and it explodes? In a clever bit of splicing, you can clearly see that he’s been replaced by a dummy just as the explosion goes off. Oof.  

How noticeable is it? Very. You don’t get De Niro and a dummy mixed up without paying for it.  

19. Heads up

The movie: Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) 

The mistake: The T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) protects John (Edward Furlong) and Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton) in a lift as the T-1000 (Robert Patrick) pries the doors apart. The T-800 aims his rifle at the T-1000’s head to blow it up. Except... the head’s already blown apart before the T-800 fires.  

How noticeable is it? It’s a split second thing, so one for uber- Terminator fans only. 

18. Spot the dot  

The movie: Pulp Fiction (1994) 

The mistake: Mia Wallace (Uma Thurman) is given an adrenaline shot by Vincent Vega (John Travolta). Before he administers the shot, though, Vega marks her chest with a red dot – which mysteriously disappears after Mia wakes up.  

How noticeable is it? Well, it’s right there isn’t it? So pretty noticeable. 

17. Fire the bullets, leave the shield

The movie: The Godfather (1972) 

The mistake: Sonny (James Caan) pulls up to a toll booth and is promptly shot dead in an attack that completely destroys his windshield. Until a few seconds later, when another shot shows that very same windshield mostly intact.  

How noticeable is it? If you’re still in shock over the violent death, you probably won’t notice it that much. 

16. Magical chairs 

The movie: Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone (2001) 

The mistake: During the ‘start of term feast’ scene, Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) is happily sat next to Hermione (Emma Watson). Until the next shot, when suddenly he’s on the other side of the table sat next to Ron (Rupert Grint).  

How noticeable is it? Massively. Though we can always just blame it on magic. 

15. Eyebrow cryin' (it's a thing in Oz, apparently) 

The movie: The Wizard of Oz (1939) 

The mistake: The guard in green starts crying – but the water gushes from his eyebrows instead of his eyes.  Just plain weird.  

How noticeable is it? Very. Eyebrow crying is just wrong.  

14. Get a grip 

The movie: The Dark Knight (2008) 

The mistake: During the prison interrogation scene when Batman (Christian Bale) confronts The Joker (Heath Ledger), The Joker’s grip on Batman’s arm changes depending on the shot – one second it’s over Batman’s arm, then it’s miraculously under.  

How noticeable is it? You’ll probably be too focused on Ledger’s amazing performance to notice this one. 

13. Soggy Doctor Jones 

The movie: Raiders Of The Lost Ark (1981) 

The mistake:  Indy (Harrison Ford) is swimming in the lagoon – and very much soaked through – when he climbs onto a seaplane. The second he’s onboard, he’s totally dry.  

How noticeable is it? Well, it depends: How often do you get out of a lagoon totally dry? 

12. Car trouble 

The movie: Back to the Future (1985) 

The mistake: Different shots of the odometer in the DeLorean show different numbers at different times – one moment it reads 3306, the next it reads 3299. Who’s been driving this thing?  

How noticeable is it? For anybody who’s ever had trouble selling a car because of the mileage - or tried that Ferris Bueller trick - this one’s as obvious as they come. 

11. The highway code 

The movie: Full Metal Jacket (1987) 

The mistake: Stanley Kubrick’s war epic is set in the US. But during the scene in which the Marines are marching outside, English road markings are clearly visible, revealing Kubrick actually shot the film in England.  

How noticeable is it? Very - especially if you're a driver.