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50 Worst Comedy Sequels

Weekend At Bernie's II (1993)

The Comedy: Andrew McCarthy, Jonathan Silverman and Terry Kiser return for another round of flogging a dead horse (well, dead guy), as Bernie's corpse is reanimated by voodoo.

Yep, you read that right. Think they were grasping at straws in the writer's room?

Lowest Moment: Just when you think things can't get any worse, Bernie gets attacked by a shark. Yeah, brings a whole new meaning to 'jumping the shark'.

The Whole Ten Yards (2004)

The Comedy: When Oz's (Matthew Perry) wife (Natasha Henstridge) is kidnapped by Hungarian mobsters, the Tulip (Bruce Willis) is called into action once more.

He's definitely getting too old for this shit.

Lowest Moment : In one eye-rolling segment, the Tulip and Oz end up sharing a bed.

Because that's ALWAYS funny.

Without A Paddle: Nature's Calling (2009)

The Comedy: Did anybody even see the first Without A Paddle ? At least that film starred Seth Green. This woeful follow-up boasts a cast we've never heard of getting into numerous 'hilarious' scrapes. Just don't, OK?

Lowest Moment: The guys have serious problems with a squirrel.

Yes, a squirrel.

Big Momma's: Like Father, Like Son (2011)

The Comedy: Multi-Razzie-nominated second sequel to Big Momma's House . With the concept already tired in the first film, this threequel injects some fresh blood in the form of Brandon T. Jackson.

As the title suggests, it's not long before he's dragging up like dad Martin Lawrence. Oh the hilarity.

Lowest Moment: The moment this drivel actually made it down the filmic birth canal and managed to get a cinema release. How did that even happen?!

Meatballs Part II (1984)

The Comedy: Calling this a comedy is a bit of a slur on comedies, but that's what it is – a grossly unfunny follow-up to the Bill Murray flick, in which a group of kids attempt to save a failing summer camp from financial destitution.

Lowest Moment: The alien. We still have no idea what he's doing in this movie, and the practical effects are just awful.

Major League II (1994)

The Comedy : After the success of the first film, the Cleveland Indians are now top dogs in the world of baseball. But now they've gone and gotten all complacent, which means they're likely to lose their title all over again.

Meanwhile, Rachel Phelps has bought back the team...

Lowest Moment: Certain characters have returned, but they're completely different to how they were in the original (like when Smithers changed skin colour in The Simpsons ). Main culprit: Roger Dorn. What happened to him?

Airplane II: The Sequel (1982)

The Comedy: Robert Hays and Julie Hagerty return for another high-flying comedy, but somebody forgot to pack the jokes this time around.

The plot is set sometime in the future (though it still looks like the eighties), as the Moon is colonised....

Lowest Moment: The moment you realise Leslie Nielsen isn't going to pop up and save every one of the tired, played-out sketches.

Mannequin: On The Move (1991)

The Comedy: Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall are out, and Kristy Swanson's in as the mannequin who comes to life when nobody's looking. She's actually a peasant girl suffering under a centuries-old spell. Yes, that old chestnut.

Lowest Moment: The chemistry between Kristy Swanson and William Ragsdale is non-existent – together they manage to stink up the entire picture. This makes Gigli look good...

The Jerk Too (1984)

The Comedy: Steve Martin leaves some hefty shoes behind in this funnybone-dodging follow-up, and Mark Blankfield just isn't the guy for the job, playing Navin Johnson with all the comedic dexterity of an old boot.

Lowest Moment: The moment you realise Blankfield hasn't got a hope of matching Martin in the comedy stakes. To turn off or not to turn off?

Short Circuit 2 (1988)

The Comedy: Adorable robot Johnny 5 goes up against criminals who want to exploit his robot-y talents for a morally-bankrupt job. Gang members Los Locos are so dangerous they even come with their own terrible gang rap.

Lowest Moment: That horrible, horrible moment that Johnny 5 chases an overweight tub of lard to the tune of 'I Need A Hero'. MAKE IT STOP!