50 Richest Movie Characters

Michael Corleone

Wealth: $290m

Gambling, organised crime

As Seen In: The Godfather films (1972 – 1990)

The Corleone family is continuing to battle an legal investigation by the US Senate.

Corleone’s wealth has attracted attention to his suspicious business dealings, from his Staten Island mansion, worth $3m, to the family complex at Lake Tahoe, worth $12m.

Montgomery Brewster

Wealth: $300m


As Seen In: Brewster's Millions (1985)

Oil and real estate tycoon Rupert Horn accrued a gigantic personal fortune without the knowledge of his close or extended family.

His death incited an unprecedented and bizarre set of conditions through which Montgomery Brewster was to inherit his $300m fortune, with the condition that he had to spend $30m in 30 days. Not that easy...

Les Grossman

Wealth: $400m

From: Films

As Seen In: Tropic Thunder (2008)

Tropic Blunder, The True Story Behind the Making Of The Most Expensive Fake True War Story Ever took home unprecedented revenues for a small-budget doc, with a $400m worldwide box-office.

The venture propelled Les Grossman, who privately funded the project, from wealthy exec to one of California’s richest men.

Britt Reid

Wealth: $572m

From: Publishing

As Seen In:
The Green Hornet (2011)

The Daily Sentinel is Los Angeles’ last family-owned newspaper, not to mention one of the last US newspapers not attached to a media conglomerate. It is privately valued at nearly $600m.

Britt’s father, James Reid, pioneered the Daily Sentinel’s independent and brazen style of journalism. The newspaper has suffered through the transition from print to online, but continues to make sizeable profits.

Robert Fischer

Wealth: $720m

Energy, inheritance

As Seen In: Inception (2010)

The Fischer Morrow Energy Conglomerate is one of the world’s largest energy firms, approaching global dominance.

But market cap is currently unsteady amid concerns over the company’s direction under Robert Fischer. Rumours suggest that Fischer intends to split up the power-house conglomerate following his father Maurice's tragic death.

Lucius Malfoy

Wealth: $760m

From: Inheritance

As Seen In:
The Harry Potter franchise (2001 – 2011)

Malfoy, 51, has gone some way toward upholding the aristocratic principles of his family. He resides in Malfoy Manor with his wife Narcissa and son Draco.

In contrast to ongoing investigations by the Ministry Of Magic into his possible criminal activity, Malfoy contributes to charities such as St. Mungo's Hospital For Magical Maladies And Injuries.

Charles Foster Kane

Wealth: $793m

Media, inheritance

As Seen In: Citizen Kane

Owner of the Municipal Opera House, a newspaper company and the mansion of Xanadu, Charles Foster Kane has made his presence hard to ignore.

So much so that commentators were left astounded when the mogul was unable to make the leap into politics.

Arthur Bach

Wealth: $950m

From: Inheritance, technology, publishing

As Seen In:
Arthur (2011)

As chairman of his family company, Bach Worldwide, Arthur Bach is one of the world’s wealthiest young men. Ever the illustrious playboy, Bach recently became the subject of a delicate inheritance battle hinged on an arranged marriage.

He currently remains unmarried, and retained his inheritance amid a promise to shift to a slightly more conservative way of living.

Jed Clampett

Wealth: $990m

From: Oil

As Seen In:
The Beverly Hillbillies (1993)

The discovery of an oil reserve on his property in 1993 made Jed Clampett an instant billionaire.

He remains an eccentric yet exuberant self-made man, retaining his rural identity in his vast Beverly Hills mansion amid the west coast’s wealthiest.

Longfellow Deeds

Wealth: $1bn

From: Inheritance

As Seen In:
Mr. Deeds (2002)

The story of Longfellow Deed’s wealth is a well-known anecdote. The pizzeria manager found himself with a $40bn fortune when he was mistaken as the heir to Blake Media.

Despite handing over the empire to its rightful heir, his honesty was rewarded with $1bn.