50 Richest Movie Characters

Caledon Nathan Hockley

Wealth: $1.25bn

From: Steel, inheritance

As Seen In:
Titanic (1997)

A man of fortune in every way, Pittsburgh steel magnate Caledon “Cal” Hockley survived the fateful maiden voyage of the Titanic.

By contrast, the wealthiest man on board, John Astor, who possessed a fortune one hundred times larger than Hockley, went down with the ship.


Wealth: $1.6bn

From: Evil autocrat

As Seen In: Megamind (2010)

Megamind was turned into a billionaire overnight following the death of heroic Metro Man and immediately stole vast stores of Gold Bullion from the Metro City Federal Reserve Bank along with the Mona Lisa, priced at nearly $800m.

The hostile takeover of the city was achieved through his most expensive device, the Death Ray, valued at $500m.

Gordon Gekko

Wealth: $2bn

From: Finance

As Seen In:
Wall Street (1987)

“Ninety per cent of the American people have little or no net worth. I create nothing; I own.” Weighty words delivered by the ever-controversial business magnate.

Despite serving 14 years in prison for insider trading, Gekko remains one of the world’s richest men while still trailing British financier and rival Sir Lawrence Wildman.

Future Biff Tannen

Wealth: $3.1bn

From: Gambling

As Seen In: Back To The Future Part II (1989)

Biff Howard Tannen, deemed ‘the luckiest man on earth’, made his first million at the tender age of 25.

He won the heart of the American people through his miraculous high-risk gambling, and the vast empire he constructed from his winnings, known today as Biffco.

His rise to glory has been immortalised in his very own Biff Tannen museum.

Charles Xavier

Wealth: $3.2bn

From: Inheritance

As Seen In:
The X-Men films (2000 – 2011)

The world’s strongest supporter of mutant rights, Charles Frances Xavier was born into wealth and funded his school for the gifted.

He has invested in stealth defence technology, such as the Blackbird plane, in addition to pioneering research in genetics and psionics. His PhD from Oxford University has conferred him the nickname Professor X.

Dr. Norman Osborne

Wealth: $4.79bn

From: Defence

As Seen In: Spider-Man (2002)

In 2002, OsCorp celebrated surpassing Quest Aerospace as the principal supplier to the US military.

A company handed down through four generations, it faces few obstacles on its way toward domination of the defence and aerospace industry.

Akeem Joffer

Wealth: $5bn

From: Being Prince of Zamunda

As Seen In: Coming To America (1988)

King Jaffe Joffer, Zamunda’s controversial head of state, and father to eccentric Akeem, is thought to have concealed his vast fortune from his nation’s people.

However, while an investigation is waning, the family is improving links to the west thanks to Akeem's marriage to an American.

John Hammond

Wealth: $5.6bn

From: Genetics, biotechnology

As Seen In: Jurassic Park (1993)

Jurassic Park may lie in ruin (and with it $5bn of Hammond’s personal investment) but as InGen still holds the rights to the biotechnology and genetic engineering used in the synthesis of fossilised creatures, Hammond’s fortune has been retained.

Unfortunately the revenues his theme park hoped to raise will never be realised.

Charles Bishop Weyland

Wealth: $9.3bn

From: Technology, robotics

As Seen In:
AVP: Alien Vs. Predator (2004)

Scientific American describes Weyland as “the pioneer of modern robotics.”

Weyland Industries is one of the world’s largest conglomerates, investing in innovative technological advances that will make exploration beyond our world more feasible.

With rumours of a merger with Japanese company Yutani, market capitalisation has never been higher.

Oliver Warbucks

Wealth: $10bn

From: Defence

As Seen In: Annie (1982)

Oliver Warbucks has profited greatly from half a century of warfare. But the philanthropic and ethical billionaire endeavours to give back to society.

Among his most notable gestures was the adoption of an orphan daughter, who it is presumed will act as successor to Warbucks’ vast defence empire.