The 50 greatest X-Men movie moments

Mystique and Wolverine battle

The moment: While Storm, Jean and Scott battle Toad, Wolverine and Mystique come to fisticuffs in a showdown of theatrical proportions. It begins with Mystique shapeshifting into Wolvie, turning a seemingly normal fight into an inventive play on her ability.

Mutant magic: Even though the special effects at the time of X-Men stretched to live-wire actors, this bare bones tussle boasts one of the most effective fight sequences in the series. Both Jackman and Romijn work to their strengths giving both their characters unique combat prowess.

"Where were you Charles?"

The moment: Erik and Charles pass the time on their intercontinental flight by hashing out their issues. Erik starts pointing fingers, blaming Charles' ignorance towards the mutants' plight as a reason why all of his former comrades died. As his anger steadily rises so does his power, affecting the plane's instruments and sending them off course...

Mutant magic: A strangely haunting scene because, for once, I sort of side with Erik on this one.

Rogue and Logan

The moment: Rogue wakes in the night to the sound of Logan crying out - well, grumbling and shouting - during his sleep. She goes to his side to comfort him and mid-nightmare his claws extend and he plunges them in the shoulder. Rogue uses one of her abilities to draw out Wolvie's regenerative power and heal herself.

Mutant magic: Logan and Rogue's relationship is summed up perfectly in this quid pro quo power trade-off, with each of them tending to the other's pain.

Quicksilver's kitchen exploits

The moment: Quicksilver disarms a kitchen of security goons in a split second. Careening around the walls with melodious music accompanying his playful jaunt, he redirects bullets from hitting Logan, Charles and Magneto and messes with their frozen attackers.

Mutant magic: Undoubtedly the highlight of Days Of Future Past it's fantastic to see a young mutant taking such joy from their ability. Well, what he's doing is very, very illegal but still.

Wolvie's first claw reveal

The moment: Logan is introduced as a cage fighter in a bar, so naturally he winds up getting into a scrape with one of the patrons who loses cash betting on the mutant. Out come the claws and one of his best quips: You lost your money. You keep this up, youll lose something else.

Mutant magic: We all knew it was coming and yet the first sight of Wolvie's shiny claws still gives me tingles.

Don't get in my way

The moment: After Jean Grey's impassioned mutant rights speech, Charles follows his old friend Erik into the corridor. The Professor attempts to read Erik's mind before asking his former comrade to not give up on humans, despite their continued fear towards mutants. "I will bring you hope, old friend," Magneto replies, "and I ask only one thing in return: don't get in my way."

Mutant magic: The first time the pair appeared onscreen in an X-Men movie establishes in mere seconds the lifelong struggle between them, setting up the events to come...

Magneto goes hunting

The moment: To track down Shaw, Magneto pursues his known acquaintances leading him to a dive bar in Argentina. One by one he takes out the trio of Shaw's former collaborators. All the while casually suppin' a beer as if it ain't no thing.

Mutant magic: His closing line before he slays his final victim, accompanied by a triumphant musical refrain, "Let's just say I'm Frankenstein's monster, I'm looking for my creator."

Rage and serenity

The moment: During training at Charles' mansion, the Professor aids Erik in refining his ability to shift a gigantic satellite dish. He tunes into his friend's mind and teaches him that the key to harnessing his power is finding the middle ground between rage and serenity.

Mutant magic: Watching the way Charles gently guides Erik to a calmer, peaceful state of control is powerful stuff, thanks to the tear-jerking performances of James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender.

Wolverine kills Phoenix

The moment: Jean Grey is gone. All that's left is the Phoenix, whose rampage has caused death and destruction with no end in sight. No other choices remain: it's up to Logan to stop it. He plunges his adamantium claws into her torso, and clutches her lifeless body while everything burns around him...

Mutant magic: A harrowing end to an otherwise inconsistent movie. Logan's anguished cries as he takes the life from his one true love is absolutely heartbreaking.

X-2 Berserker rampage

The moment: Stryker's fleet of armed henchmen descend upon Xavier's School in an attempt to steal Cerebro. Wolverine engages his 'berserker' mode and thoroughly wipes the floor with all of them. Claws pierce faces, stab through chests, and who knows what other carnage he inflicts offscreen...

Mutant magic: "You picked the wrong house, bub," taunts Logan as the attack starts, a true testament to his loyalty and natural instincts to guarding the mutant's safe haven.

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