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50 Greatest Movie Rivalries

Thor vs. Loki (Thor)

The Rivalry: A classic case of sibling rivalry based on Thor apparently being their father Odin’s favourite son, while Loki lives in his brother’s shadow.

Darkest Moment: Not content with tricking Thor into acting against his father’s wishes and getting banished to Earth, he then tells the soon-to-be Avenger that their father Odin has died. Thor fails to see that his brother’s pants are on fire.

Kiss & Make Up? Sadly not. While their family bonds convince Thor that his brother can be a good person again, Loki has a lifetime of resentment to prevent him from ever making amends.

Indiana Jones vs. Ren Belloq (Raiders Of The Lost Ark)

The Rivalry: The honourable archaeologist Indiana Jones has an unexplained history with Belloq, a rival archaeologist who uses nefarious means to uncover his icons and often claims credit for Indiana’s hard work.

Darkest Moment: Sealing Indy and Marion in the Well of Souls along with hundreds of Jones’ worst fear: snakes.

Kiss & Make Up? Who knows if they would have ever put their professional rivalry aside? Unfortunately, we’ll never find out as Belloq ends the film suffering from a rather bad case of the head-explodies.

Brendan Conlon vs. Tom Conlon (Warrior)

The Rivalry: Estranged brothers Brendan and Tom enter the same mixed martial arts tournament, both with their own reasons for wanting the prize money.

Darkest Moment: Finally facing each other in the tournament final, Brendan manages to dislocate his brother’s shoulder.

Kiss & Make Up? The pair make up when Brendan tearfully apologises to Tom and tells him he loves him, all while having him trapped in a ‘rear naked choke hold’. It’s not the nicest of reconciliations, granted, but it’s a bittersweet moment all the same.

Happy Gilmore vs. Shooter McGavin (Happy Gilmore)

The Rivalry: Happy’s unorthodox approach to golf causes arrogant star Shooter to take an instant dislike to him and try to sabotage his efforts to win during the Pro Golf Tour.

Darkest Moment: Happy uses his endorsement deal money to buy his grandma’s house, only to find that he has been outbid by Shooter, who has bought the house in an attempt to make a deal with Happy to make him quit the tour.

Kiss & Make Up? Quite the opposite. When Happy uses a trick shot to beat Shooter and with the Tour Championship, Shooter flies into a rage and tries to steal his gold jacket, only to get beaten up by Happy’s ex-boss.

Hinson vs. Kit Keller (A League Of Their Own)

The Rivalry: Having both joined baseball team the Rockford Peaches, Kit feels overshadowed by her talented and attractive sister, leading to an intense sibling rivalry.

Darkest Moment: After a big argument between the pair, star player Dottie threatens to quit the team, causing the managers to trade sister Kit instead.

Kiss & Make Up? After facing each other in the World Series, Kit proves herself by scoring a winning run and the sisters reconcile. Yay, happy endings all round!

Annie Walker vs. Helen Harris III (Bridesmaids)

The Rivalry: When Annie is announced as Lillian's Maid Of Honour, she meets fellow bridesmaid Helen and the two instantly become jealous of each other's friendship with the bride.

Darkest Moment: At the bridal shower, Helen upstages Annie's gift by presenting Lillian with a trip to Paris - an idea stolen from Annie.

Kiss & Make Up? The pair put their differences aside when the bride goes missing and, recognising that Annie has fallen for cop Nathan, Helen arranges for him to pick her up at the wedding. They then join everyone else in dancing to Hold On by Wilson Phillips, which is about as good a reconciliation as you can get.

Brian Clough vs. Don Revie (The Damned United)

The Rivalry: At the 1968 FA Cup meeting between Clough's struggling Derby County side and Revie's prosperous Leeds United, Revie doesn't even acknowledge Clough, thus igniting a desire in the Derby manager to prove himself.

Darkest Moment: Clough is ambushed in a live television interview when is confronted with Revie. The pair swap insults and Clough mention his snubbing at the 1968 FA Cup match, to which Revie replies he simply didn't know who he was.

Kiss & Make Up? The relationship between them is left unresolved, but Clough goes on to have an even more successful career than Revie, so you might say that he 'won' the rivalry.

'Fast Eddie' Felson vs. Minnesota Fats (The Hustler)

The Rivalry: Minnesota Fats is the legendary pool player that Eddie feels he must beat in order to prove himself in the sport.

Darkest Moment: Eddie is enjoying a winning streak of games and ends up $18,000 ahead, but he refuses to quit until Fats concedes and, a bottle of bourbon later, Eddie loses it all.

Kiss & Make Up? Some films have the main character learn an important life lesson and rise above petty rivalry in order to become good friends with their opponent. Here, however, Eddie returns to challenge Fats again and wins every game, beating Fats into submission. We guess that’s a different kind of lesson learned.

Michael Corleone vs. Fredo Corleone (The Godfather Part II)

The Rivalry: A threat on Michael’s life is discovered to have been instigated by brother Fredo who confesses to being upset when he was passed over to head the family.

Darkest Moment: Michael responds to this revelation by disowning Fredo and telling right-hand man Al that “nothing is to happen to him while my mother’s alive”. It’s easy to guess what’s coming up...

Kiss & Make Up? True to his word, Carmela Corleone passes away and, despite pleas from sister to forgive Fredo, Michael has Al Neri shoot him while on a fishing trip. So no, no kissing and making up happening here.

Antonio Salieri vs. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Amadeus)

The Rivalry: The unstable Salieri believes that God has presented the immensely talented Mozart in order to mock his own mediocre skills as a composer.

Darkest Moment: Salieri presents his rival with his latest work, a March Of Welcome. After listening to it just once, Mozart proceeds to play it himself, criticise it and then improve on it with an improvised variation.

Kiss & Make Up? Hardly. Salieri feels responsible for Mozart's death, having tricked him into writing a piece that he could later claim credit for only for the composer to get overworked and succumb to exhaustion.