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50 Great Unproduced Movie Scripts

The Heretic by Javier Rodriguez

The High Concept: In the 1400s, the Roman Catholic Church calls upon one of its former inquisitors to assassinate rebel monk Martin Luther. A potent mix of political and religious intrigue, and downright cool Medieval action.

Scene We'd Like To See: The Roman Church considers the qualifications of the inquisitor to deal with the task in hand by listing some of his previous achievements in the name of the cloth.

Dream Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo

Starring: Michael Fassbender as the ex-inquistor, tormented by doubts as he hunts down Paul Giamatti's Luther.

Knights by Nick Confalone and Neal Dusedau

The High Concept: This script deals with an issue that we've all secretly wondered about: would any of our modern-day knights ever be called into action to serve and protect their country? This comedy adventure sees four 'Sirs' (an entrepreneur, a footballer, a musician and an actor) put into that very quandary.

Scene We'd Like To See: They'd all no doubt be placed into situations where their particular skill is given a chance to shine; we're looking forward to the footie player taking down hordes of drones with impeccable ball skills, like something out of a hugely-budgeted Nike ad.

Dream Director: Chris Morris

Starring: Anthony Head as the entrepreneur, Robert Webb as the footballer, Peter Serafinowicz as the musician, Stephen Mangan as the actor and Julie Walters cameoing as the queen.

The American Way by Brian Kistler

The High Concept: A drama following two brothers after the death of their parents. One goes on to join the FBI, while the other becomes a criminal. An archetypal story, which could be great if it avoids the pitfalls of genre cliche.

Scene We'd Like To See:
The brothers share a a drink, and chat happily about old times, despite the fact that FBI boy has seen his brother's name come up several times in relation to an ongoing investigation at the office.

Dream Director: David Simon: TV's The Wire was an unhurried, even-handed look at crime and police corruption, that puts most recent movies on similar topics to shame.

Starring: Mark Wahlberg and Jake Gyllenhaal.

The Diversification of Noah Miller by Adam Cole-Kelly and Sam Pitman

The High Concept: This one would have to be handled with tact. It's the story of a New Yorker who sets out to make a black friend after realising that he's not perhaps as liberal as he likes to think. Bromantic hi-jinks ensue.

Scene We'd Like To See: The awkward meet-cute between the two future best mates should be supremely cringeworthy.

Dream Director: Judd Apatow

Starring: Paul Rudd as Noah Miller. Tracy Morgan could make up for the disappointing Cop Out by playing the potential buddy.

The Trade by Dave Mandel

The High Concept: This one is a true story apparently. Set in the 70s, it's based on the story of two New York Yankees pitchers who allegedly swapped wives and caused a national scandal. An interesting approach to a unique love story, with room for sporting rivalry and period detail.

Scene We'd Like To See: We're pretty keen to find out who lets their attraction to their teammate's missus slip first actually, so any scene that sheds light on this potentially awkward can of worms sounds good to us.

Dream Director:
Jason Reitman

Starring: Mark Ruffalo and Seth Rogen as the pitchers, Vera Farmiga and Katie Holmes as the interchangeable spouses.

Shimmer Lake by Oren Uziel

The High Concept: The bank job is an overdone crime staple for sure, but hear this one out. In this script, the small-town heist acts as a catalyst before the sprawling narrative gradually reveals how so many of the townspeople, from various backgrounds, are implicated in the crime to differing degrees.

Scene We'd Like To See:
If the whole story is based around it, the heist itself would have to be pretty spectacular. This set-up feels like it's screaming out for something brutally intimate and frighteningly realistic.

Dream Director: Ben Affleck did a very decent job on The Town . The territory could be too similar perhaps, but we'd be happy to see him get his hands dirty on another scintillating crime drama.

Starring: Well, seeing as Affleck recently directed himself to one of his best performances for an extremely long time, we wouldn't be against him casting himself again.

Baytown Disco by Barry Battles and Griffin Hood

The High Concept: A woman enlists three redneck brothers to help kidnap her son back from his supposedly-not-very-nice dad, and it's not long before they're way out of their depth. Melting noir staples in the sticky Southern heat.

Scene We'd Like To See:
The aftermath of the brutal abduction, when the brothers slowly start to realise that all is not quite as it seems.

Dream Director: Tommy Lee Jones

Starring: January Jones as the desperate mother.

Allies With Benefits by Elizabeth Wright Shapiro

The High Concept: Friends With Benefits and No Strings Attached will see friendly couples buddying up for casual sex, while this politically-tinged rom-com sees the female US President fall for her old college fling, who happens to now be the UK Prime Minister.

Scene We'd Like To See: The shameless leaders engaging in some knowing banter while the President is visiting 10 Downing Street on official business.

Dream Director: Richard Curtis could no doubt steer this to huge success.

Starring: Laura Linney as the American leader, and David Morrisey as the PM.

The Storm by Richard Taylor and Bryan Bagby

The High Concept: A bounty hunter must join forces with his captive, in order to see off the dastardly sheriff of a lawless Wyoming town. A lean concept, with the opportunity for some stripped down action and nu-western thrills, that could make bounty hunters cool again.

Scene We'd Like To See: The bounty hunter chasing down his target and bringing him in, showing what both guys are capable of before they even realise they'll be teaming up.

Dream Director: Pierre Morel

Starring: If Dog the Bounty Hunter's not available, we'll take Jason Statham, and throw in Chris Pine as his bounty.

Sunflower by Misha Green

The High Concept: After escaping from a deranged college professor who has held them captive, two girls plan how they'll get their revenge. Could be very dark, disturbing and subversive.

Scene We'd Like To See: The moment that the young ladies decide it's now or never, and realise that if they want to survive they're going to have to escape by any means possible...

Dream Director: Martyrs ' Pascal Laugier wouldn't shy away from the more brutal elements of the story.

Starring: Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene.