50 Darkest Disney Moments

Antie Dies

The Movie: Honey I Shrunk The Kids (1989)

The Dark Moment:
When a scorpion attacks, the shrunken kids are saved by their newfound friend, Antie, giving all children of the '80s a newfound respect for the insects. Then he dies. Like a tiny, tiny Jesus.

If It Had A Song:
"Oh, Antie / You came and you saved us from the scorpion / Oh Antie / We'll never step on you again."

If you have 'Mandy' by Barry Manilow stuck in your head right now, we can only apologise.

Not In Nottingham

The Movie: Robin Hood (1973)

The Dark Moment: Even Disney's colourful perkiness couldn't put the fun in the dastardly Sherriff's reign over Nottingham. The very American rooster Alan-a-Dale's mournful melody says it all.

If It Had A Song:
Why, it does. And it's pretty depressing...

"We'd up and fly if we had wings for flyin' / Can't you see the tears we're cryin'? / Can't there be some happiness for me? / Not in Nottingham."

Coulson's Death

The Movie: Marvel's Avengers Assemble (2012)

The Dark Moment: After Agent Phil Coulson is killed by Loki, Nick Fury makes use of his blood-stained trading cards to manipulate the Avengers and galvanise them into action.

If It Had A Song:
"There was an idea to bring together / A group of remarkable people..."

Oh, who are we kidding? Much as we'd love to see it, Nick Fury would never do a song and dance number.

Doom Gets Dipped

The Movie: Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)

The Dark Moment:
The truth of his true identity revealed, toon Judge Doom meets his eyeball-bulging demise in a pool of toxic dip.

If It Had A Song:
"He's a toon! / That Judge Doom! / We should've known all along / A little dip / Will do the trick / And then we can all say 'so long'!"

The Social Worker

The Movie: Lilo & Stitch (2002)

The Dark Moment: After alien pet Stitch causes a bit of strife, amazingly-named social worker Cobra Bubbles decides orphan Nani can't take care of her younger sister and decides to take her away.

That night, Stitch, seeing the trouble he has caused, leaves and hearts break everywhere as Lilo tells him, “I’ll remember you; I remember everybody who leaves.”

If It Had A Song: "I'll remember you / Long after this endless summer is gone / I'll be lonely oh so lonely / Leaving only me to remember you."

Nobody says it better than Elvis.

Theodora's Transformation

The Movie: Oz The Great And Powerful (2013)

The Dark Moment:
Betrayed by her sister, and heartbroken in the belief that Oscar is in love with Glinda, Theodora bites into a magic apple and is transformed into a hideous, heartless, green-skinned monster - the Wicked Witch.

If It Had A Song:
"Oh, sister you're hideous / I know I've been insidious / But it really is what's best / Accept your destiny / You were always meant to be / The Wicked Witch of the West!"

Sulley Scares Boo

The Movie: Monsters Inc (2001)

The Dark Moment: In trying to reveal Randall's evil 'Scream Extractor' plot, Sulley is forced to demonstrate a scare, terrifying poor Boo as she witnesses the roar.

If It Had A Song:
"Don't cry, dear child / Don't be scared little one / I may be a big blue metaphor for what happens when parents shout at their children / But I'm really all about the cuddly fun!"

Trust In Me

The Movie: The Jungle Book (1967)

The Dark Moment: Mowgli is hypnotised into a deep sleep by hungry python Kaa, who tries to squeeze the man-cub to death.

If It Had A Song:
Here's some actual, real life, disturbing Disney lyrics to make your skin crawl...

"Slip into silent slumber / Sail on a silver mist / Slowly and surely your senses / Will cease to resist."

When She Loved Me

The Movie: Toy Story 2 (1999)

The Dark Moment:
Jesse's sad story of abandonment is told in montage. Add in a heartbreaking song by Sarah McLachlan and it's tearapalooza.

If It Had A Song:
There's no bettering the queen of sobtastic songs...

"So the years went by / I stayed the same / But she began to drift away / I was left alone / Still I waited for the day / When she'd say I will always love you."

The Barracuda Attack

The Movie: Finding Nemo (2003)

The Dark Moment:
Clown fish Marlin and Coral's barely have time to enjoy their new anemone before a barracuda attacks, killing mother and most of her babies in under a minute.

If It Had A Song:
The 1977 classic by Heart says it all...

"You lying so low in the weeds / I bet you gonna ambush me / You'd have me down on my knees / Now wouldn't you, Barracuda?"