50 Comics That Should Be Movies


The Comic: A bald guy with a gun and a dwarf with an axe join forces to battle the likes of werewolves, living skeletons and black magic.

The Movie Version: So bonkers it would make for a fantastic, tongue-in-cheek fantasy epic. Chris Pine should shave his head and bulk up, while Peter Dinklage would be ace as the red-bearded dwarf.

Perfect Cast: Chris Pine, Peter Dinklage

Dream Director: Peter Jackson

David Boring

The Comic: The eponymous David searches for the perfect woman while also learning about his father through his comic books.

The Movie Version: The comics lend themselves perfectly to a movie adap: they come in three acts with a credits sequence at the end. This could be a warmly oddball romance.

Perfect Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Dream Director: Mark Webb


The Comic: An indie book by Terry Moore that follows photographer Julie, whose body becomes fused with a battle suit, forcing her to go on the run from the military.

The Movie Version: Brian de Palma impressed in the '70s with his film about a girl who has powers beyond her control. We’d love to see how he'd approach a contemporary comic-book version of that while including some of his signature action montages.

Perfect Cast: Eliza Dushku

Dream Director: Brian de Palma

Random Acts Of Violence

The Comic: Ezra and Todd create their own comic book character, Slasherman, but as they go on tour, they begin to suspect their creation has to come to life…

The Movie Version: Jay Baruchel is apparently prepping a script, so what do we want to see? Well, a comic book version of Scream , really, as comic-book conventions are picked apart while the blood flows. Tucker And Dale Vs Evil 's Eli Craig for director.

Perfect Cast: Anton Yelchin, Michael Cera

Dream Director: Eli Craig


The Comic: Mice are Jews and cats are Germans in Art Spiegelman’s genius graphic novel, which deals with the Holocaust in a revolutionary way.

The Movie Version: Let’s reunite Schindler's List co-stars Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes to provide the voices in an animated movie adap. Francis Ford Coppola would treat the material reverently while bringing his own splash of style to proceedings.

Perfect Cast: Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes

Dream Director: Francis Ford Coppola

Black Widow

The Comic: Normally a bit-player who’s appeared in Tales Of Suspense , The Avengers , and The Amazing Spider-Man , Black Widow has had a few of her own limited series, too, meaning we know she’d be great as a lead character.

The Movie Version: Joss Whedon’s a busy man, so we’d hand the reigns for a Black Widow movie to Drew Goddard, who’s proven with Buffy and Cabin In The Woods that he can write female characters just as well…

Perfect Cast: Scarlett Johansson

Dream Director: Drew Goddard


The Comic: Penned by Frank Miller, Ronin follows a samurai who is reincarnated in a dystopian future New York.

The Movie Version: A rich, Highlander -esque saga that spans numerous eras, beginning in feudal Japan and then entering the futuristic NY, where two ronin souls are released from their sword prison. Carpenter loves a bit of extravagance, meaning he's perfect for the director's chair.

Perfect Cast: Kazunari Ninomiya, Ryo Kase

Dream Director: John Carpenter


The Comic: A ‘synthezoid’ originally created as a villain, Vision later joins the Avengers, and has the power to change his own destiny.

The Movie Version: Let’s go for an X-Men: First Class spin on T he Avengers , with Vision assembling and leading the Young Avengers. The sequel would see him joining the Mighty Avengers.

Perfect Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch

Dream Director: Andrew Stanton

Studs Kirby

The Comic: A middle-age no-hoper, Studs is a radio host who loses his temper over just about anything and everything. Unfortunately, he does that a lot while on air.

The Movie Version: A furious, feverish comedy starring Ben Stiller as Kirby, with Woody Allen pulling the strings. This should definitely, definitely happen.

Perfect Cast: Ben Stiller

Dream Director: Woody Allen

Moon Knight

The Comic: Khonshu, the Egyptian Lunar God of vengeance, uses a man’s body as an avatar through which he punishes mortals who misbehave. That avatar is Moon Knight.

The Movie Version: ‘The Hero Of The Night Rises’ is a good place to start, with Moon Knight tasked with tracking down werewolf Jack Russell. True Blood 's Joe Manganiello has the muscles to fill that super-suit.

Perfect Cast: Joe Manganiello

Dream Director: Louis Leterrier

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