50 Cent: Bulletproof G-Unit Edition hands-on

We also got a chance to try out Bulletproof 's ad hoc multiplayer matches. With two players, it got boring fast, as we followed onscreen arrows to hunt each other across vast urban arenas, and then took turns whittling each other's energy down. It didn't help that the camera was in a relatively tight overhead focus the whole time; without the single-player mode's onscreen map, it was almost impossible to tell where we were going.

Four players made for a much more interesting experience, as we tore around blasting each other in chaotic free-for-alls and team-based matches. Team-based capture-the-flag (or Smash and Grab, as it's called here) was especially fun, as two players continually ambushed the other team's would-be flag carrier. The profanity-laced screaming that erupted in the GamesRadar offices was almost more entertaining than the game itself.

Mikel Reparaz
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