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50 Awesome Cartoons That Should Be Movies

The Raccoons

The Cartoon: An eco-conscious cartoon in which mischievous Bert Raccoon and his forest-dwelling buddies bump heads with villainous land-baron, Cyril Sneer. He's an aardvark who smokes cigars, by the way… be afraid!

The Film: This could easily translate into a state-of-the-nation, live action picture, with Burt and friends becoming a bunch of Occupy-London protesters, and Sneer reprising his role as their money-grabbing nemesis. Only he'd be a human. Not an aardvark.

Dream Cast: Jack O'Connell (Bert), Charles Dance (Cyril Sneer)

Dream Director:
Ken Loach

Dogtanian And The Three Muskehounds

The Cartoon: The adventures of d'Artagnan and The Three Musketeers, imagined as if they were giant, humanoid dogs. Not nearly as terrifying as it sounds….

The Film: We'd like grown men playing it for laughs in canine prosthetics, please. Realism was never the name of the game with Dogtanion.

Dream Cast: Jay Baruchel (Dogtanion), Seth Rogen (Porthos), Jonah Hill (Athos), Jason Segel (Aramis)

Dream Director: Judd Apatow


The Cartoon: One of the most well-loved Disney cartoons of all time, DuckTales followed the money-grabbing antics of Scrooge McDuck and his resourceful nephews Huey, Dewy and Louie.

The Film: DuckTales did get a big-screen spin off in the form of The Tale Of The Magic Lamp , but if Disney want to bring some of their back catalogue to a new audience, DuckTales would be a prime property to reinvent. We're thinking a combination of hand-drawn animation and CGI, a la Tangled for this one.

Dream Cast: Ewan McGregor (Scrooge McDuck), Billy Connolly (Flintheart Glomgold),

Dream Director: Nathan Greno & Byron Howard

Darkwing Duck

The Cartoon: A spinoff from DuckTales , Darkwing Duck told the adventures of an egotistical superhero attempting to balance the monotony of parenthood with the thrills of crime-fighting.

The Film: A live-action version in which the set-up is the same, but the protagonists aren't ducks. Take that away and this would make for a decent superhero comedy.

Dream Cast: Will Ferrell (Darkwing Duck), Danny McBride (Launchpad McQuack)

Dream Director: Adam McKay

The Mysterious Cities Of Gold

The Cartoon: The long-running and seemingly never-ending saga of a young Spanish stowaway, who makes his way to the New World on a quest to discover one of the seven Lost Cities of Gold.

The Film: A sprawling, boys-own adventure saga, in the vein of the Journey movies. Although hopefully with slightly more polished CGI…

Dream Cast: Captain Mendoza (Javier Bardem), Vincent Cassel (Gaspard)

Dream Director: Guillermo Del Toro


The Cartoon: The batshit crazy tale of a discarded teddybear who is brought to life by an alien and his "magic dust", enabling him to fight evil in the form of a cowboy, a skeleton and a fatty. Truly bizarre.

The Film: We can't really see this one working as anything but animation, so we'll leave Pixar and Dreamworks to scrabble over the rights. Come on… it's a guaranteed banker!

Dream Cast: Michael J. Fox (Superted), Stephen Fry (Spotty Man), Josh Brolin (Texas Pete), Alan Cumming (Skeleton)

Dream Director: John Lasseter


The Cartoon: Come on, you know the drill: "This is 29 Acacia Road. And this is Eric, the schoolboy who leads an exciting double life. For when Eric eats a banana, an amazing transformation occurs!, ever alert for the call to action."

Live-Action Version: Bananaman was always a bit limp in the heroism stakes, so this might work well as a kind of Kick-Ass style subversion of the traditional superhero story.

Dream Cast: Bill Hader (Bananaman), Timothy Dalton (Dr. Blight)

Dream Director: Matthew Vaughn


The Cartoon: They're ThunderCats. They're on the loose. They're go. All of which is bad news for Mumm-Ra, the leader of the evil Mutants of Plun-Darr.

The Film: Unbelievably, the cartoon series has been rebooted before the ThunderCats have actually made it to the big screen. The next big fantasy franchise? Look no further.

Dream Cast: Chris Hemsworth (Lion-O), Jennifer Lawrence (Cheetara), Idris Elba (Panthro), Gary Oldman (Mumm-Ra)

Dream Director: Kenneth Branagh

Count Duckula

The Cartoon: Imagine what Count Dracula would have been like if he were a duck with an aversion to blood… congratulation, you've just imagined Count Duckula! Or "Duckypoos" to his friends…

The Film : A gothic comedy starring a cast of loveable grotesques, in which an unwilling vampire attempts to find ways around his distasteful need for blood.

Dream Cast: Johnny Depp (Duckula), Helena Bonham Carter (Nanny), Jackie Earle Haley (Igor)

Dream Director: Tim Burton

Bucky O'Hare

The Cartoon: The space-set adventures of a freedom fighting hare and his ongoing battles with a race of evil toads, complete with seizure-inducing opening credits and rocking theme tune.

The Film: A futuristic world, wracked with conflict between rebels and the establishment… let's face it, the essential storyline is as old as the hills! However, Star Wars never had widdly-widdly guitar solos and a truly badass hero. This one would.

Dream Cast: Chris Evans (Bucky), Peter Mullan (Deadeye Duck), Timothy Spall (Toad Air Marshall)

Dream Director: Jon Favreau

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