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50 Awesome Cartoons That Should Be Movies

Muppet Babies

The Cartoon: A kiddy version of The Muppets , in which we get to see our cuddly friends in a nursery. And why not, eh?

The Film: This could work as a prequel to the recent Muppet movie, showing how the gang first got together and developed their mutual love of putting on a show.

Dream Cast: We would expect all the muppets to report for duty to voice their younger selves…

Dream Director:
James Bobin

The Pirates Of Dark Water

The Cartoon: This swashbuckling adventure was set on the alien world of Mer, where young Ren must search for thirteen treasures in order to save his planet from being devoured by the all-encompassing Dark Water. Featured a monkey-bird, which automatically made it amazing.

The Film: Pirates are popular at the moment. And none of them have ever had a monkey-bird before, have they? Get it made.

Dream Cast: Josh Hutcherson (Ren), Toby Jones (Niddler), Paul Giamatti (Bloth)

Dream Director:
James Cameron


The Cartoon: The animated adventures of the warrior He-Man, as he battles the hideous Skeletor for the good of the planet Eternia. Think of him as a less savage Conan.

The Film: Yeah, we know this was already adapted for the big screen, but we'd like a more faithful adaptation that keeps the action in Eternia rather than shunting it off to Earth.

Dream Cast: Josh Holloway (He-Man), Hugo Weaving (Skeletor), Olivia Wilde (Teela)

Dream Director: Joss Whedon


The Cartoon: Jem is a corporate businesswoman who decides she can have it all, by enlisting a supercomputer to transform her at night into the lead singer of an all-girl band. Take that, glass ceiling!

The Film: An aspirational girls-night-out of a movie, scripted by Diablo Cody, showing the multifaceted nature of the modern woman. Do one, the patriarchy!

Dream Cast: Rachel McAdams (Jem)

Dream Director: Jason Reitman

Sharky And George

The Cartoon: Sharky and George are a couple of fishy gumshoes solving an array of crimes at the bottom of the ocean. Hey, somebody's got to do it.

The Film: Dreamworks should have passed on Shark Tale and just made this instead. We'd love to see an animated, fish-centric noir!

Dream Cast:
Ryan Gosling (Sharky), Guy Pearce (George), Christoph Waltz (Colonel Klaw)

Dream Director: Rian Johnson


The Cartoon: A follow-up to ThunderCats in which a team of 29th Century heroes are given metal bodies and wings in order to help them fight crime. That will be standard police policy in a few hundred years time.

The Film: A brooding crime drama, this would be a kind of futuristic Heat , except the Al Pacino character would have wings. Is that Oscar buzz we hear?

Dream Cast: Nick Nolte (Commander Stargazer), Jon Hamm (Quicksilver), Mickey Rourke (Mon*Star)

Dream Director: Tony Scott

The Centurions

The Cartoon: A trio of weapons experts go to war with an evil scientist and his horde of kill-crazy cyborgs. Much awesomeness ensues.

The Film: The unhinged Doc Terror wages war on the US government with his army of cyborgs, having lost his son in one of their many overseas wars. Three disgraced military men are all that stand in his way…

Dream Cast: Colin Farrell (Ace McCloud), Jeremy Renner (Jake Rockwell), Bradley Cooper (Max Ray), Brian Cox (Doc Terror)

Dream Director: Neveldine / Taylor

Dungeons & Dragons

The Cartoon: A sanitised version of the classic role-playing game, in which a group of kids are sucked into a fantasy realm where they get the chance to become heroic warriors.

The Film: The Jeremy Irons clunker doesn't count. We want to see this one made as a Hunger Games -style, "kids in peril" adventure. It's a great set-up, if executed correctly.

Dream Cast: Alexander Ludwig (The Ranger) Chloe Moretz (The Thief), Dane DeHaan (The Cavalier) Lily Collins (The Acrobat), Kody Smit-McPhee (The Magician), Asa Butterfield (The Barbarian)

Dream Director: David Yates

Defenders Of The Earth

The Cartoon: A superhero team-up starring Flash Gordon, the Phantom and Mandrake the Magician, with Ming the Merciless shouldering chief villain duties.

The Film: If Marvel can get the Avengers together on the big screen, this one shouldn't be so hard. There are only three of them after all!

Dream Cast: Chris Pine (Flash Gordon), Tom Hardy (The Phantom), Hugh Jackman (Mandrake the Magician), Max von Sydow (Ming the Merciless)

Dream Director: Bryan Singer

Ulysses 31

The Cartoon: A futuristic retelling of The Odyssey , in which an angry Zeus challenges Ulysses to locate the kingdom of Hades in order to rescue the crew of his ship. Cue a parade of mythological monsters, newly kitted-out with lasers and whatnot.

The Film: A sprawling, CGI-assisted epic. The last time we had an update of Homer, we got Troy . That would have been more enjoyable with lasers…

Dream Cast: Eric Bana (Ulysses), Anthony Hopkins (Zeus)

Dream Director: Peter Jackson

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