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50 Action Movies Inspired By Die Hard

Blast (2004)

Die Hard On An… Oil Rig.

What Would John McClane Do: First he’d tell Vinnie Jones to stop being such a tool (in a warm, kind-hearted sort of way, of course).

Then there’d be a scene where he rides a friendly whale that helps him put the kibosh on Jones’ skinhead terrorist.

TC 2000 (1993)

Die Hard In A… Factory.

What Would John McClane Do: He’d probably ditch Bill Bank’s dodgy ‘90s shades (not to mention the body grease), but otherwise it’d be work as usual for the wrong-place-wrong-time copper.

The Peacekeeper (1997)

Die Hard In A… Missile Base.

What Would John McClane Do:
McClane likes his toys, and missiles are very big toys indeed…

Airheads (1994)

Die Hard In A… Radio Station.

What Would John McClane Do: He’d find a way to get himself on the air, then work his way under the band members’ (who are holding up a radio station) skin in that way only McClane can.

Then he’d blow their heads off. (Sorry Buscemi.)

Agent Red (2000)

Die Hard On A… Submarine.

What Would John McClane Do: Extricate himself from the sub and swim all the way to New York to ensure that a terrorist plan to launch a bio-weapon at the city isn’t successful.

Sure, he’d be tired from all that swimming, but that’s a hero’s lot, right?

The Taking Of Beverly Hills (1991)

Die Hard In… Beverly Hills.

What Would John McClane Do: He’d go after the ex-cops who use a chemical spill as an excuse to raid the wealth of Beverly Hills.

Because if there’s one thing McClane surely hates more than terrorists, it’s dirty cops.

Run (1991)

Die Hard In A… City.

What Would John McClane Do: In this action thriller, Charlie Farrow’s pursued through Atlantic City by the police and a pack of angry mobsters.

Take out the police and mobsters, and you basically have Die Hard 4.0…

Half Past Dead (2002)

Die Hard In… Alcatraz.

What Would John McClane Do: Break out, of course. This is the guy who turned a high rise building into a towering inferno.

We expect he could do the exact same thing with a penitentiary.

Cliffhanger (1993)

Die Hard In The… Rocky Mountains.

Wh at Would John McClane Do: He wouldn’t have let Sarah (Michelle Joyner) fall to her death, for a start…

3 Ninjas: High Noon At Mega Mountain (1998)

Die Hard In An… Amusement Park.

What Would John McClane Do: McClane’s all about amusement, and sticking him in an amusement park would be like plonking Hannibal Lecter in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Field. Day.