5 Reasons Why We Demand Arrested Development: The Movie

It's been reported today that some of the main players – including creator Mitch Hurwitz and producing overlord Ron Howard - are closing deals with Fox Searchlight to turn the far-too-quickly-cancelled sitcom into a movie.

Beyond the fact that the show is up there with Seinfeld and deserved hours more airtime, here are five reasons we really, really want to see the dysfunctional Bluth clan hit the big screen.

1. Carl Weathers could use the work

Sure, he keeps busy with small film roles and voice-over. But he came alive playing himself - or a version of himself - on Arrested Development. It stands to reason that he deserves a hefty role. Or a cameo. Whatever works.

2. Franklin

Gob (Arnett’s) foul-mouthed African-American-felt singing superstar demands some silver screen time all of his own. If the prop department can track down the puppet again, we're sure he’ll merit his own spin-off one day. Well, pretty sure.

3. Witty Wordplay

The series worked on so many levels - if you love slapstick, it delivered. If you wanted puns, you’d be happy. And those of us who can’t get enough of clever dialogue and multi-layered references? Hog heaven.

4. Tobias Funke

Because the film world needs an Analrapist. Needs one bad.

5. It would make one American newsman very happy.

Kenneth Olbermann fancies himself something of an Edward R Murrow for Generation Xbox. He’s even nicked Murrow’s “Good night, and good luck” sign-off for his usually politically flecked speeches. So when he references the demand for the movie, you know it has to be done. Come on Fox Searchlight: think of the anchormen!

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