5 Reasons Film Fans Need To Check Out TalkTalk TV

Where do you start when it comes to trying choose a TV, broadband and calls provider? TalkTalk make the case for being the beginning (and end) of your search.

The options out there can be bewildering, but really, what you want can be summed up easily. A great entertainment selection that you can pick from as and when you want it. Film and TV options to suit you, that you can watch when you want to. Saving money would be a bonus too, right? And if that could all come in a package recommended by customers? Awesome.

Here are five reasons why film fans - or anyone hankering for a movies, TV, broadband and calls package that's a winner for flexibility and value - should consider TalkTalk.

1. Incredible movie selection

First up is the comprehensive selection of movies on TalkTalk Box Office. With rentals available from as little as £1, and the very latest releases going for just £3.50, there's something for pretty much everyone.

Among the films for every occasion , you’ll find blockbusters like Thor and Riddick , family favourites like Frozen and The Croods , and acclaimed dramas like Prisoners and Philomena .

Not only does TalkTalk Box Office offer variety and value, but 48hr rentals mean you've got the movie for a time that suits you - with all the pausing, rewinding and restarting you could need.

In short: The films you want when you want them.

2. YouView for you

It’s not just about the movies though. Sign up to TalkTalk and you'll get a free YouView box (worth £299), putting a wealth of TV goodies at your fingertips.

As well as getting access to 70+ Freeview channels (some in super-shiny HD), you’ll get 7-day catch-up options, plus pause and rewind functions. Because, let's face it, life can't revolve around the TV listings.

On top of that, a YouView box gives you access to on-demand players including BBC iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD, Demand 5, Dave and Now TV from Sky. So you don't need to sweat if you miss the latest episode of your favourite show.

In short: You’ll never miss unmissable TV again.

3. Flexible boosts

Like the idea do getting extra Sky packages, but don’t fancy the big commitment?

Maybe you want to watch the Oscars live on Sky Movies , but you don’t want to commit yourself indefinitely. Or perhaps you really want to watch some of the biggest games on Sky Sports, but would rather not be locked in for a full season.

And football fans should take note, as Sky Sports trounces BT Sport for Premier League action. Over the next two months, customers with a Sky Sports Boost from TalkTalk have the chance to see 31 matches (including 26 fixtures featuring a team with the chance of topping the table) versus just 7 matches on BT Sport.

With TalkTalk’s flexible monthly Boosts, you can access these great channels from just £5 for a one-month commitment. The only difficult thing is deciding what you're going to watch.

In short: The best of Sky’s premium content with no long contracts.

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