4 new PS5 demos launch ahead of The Game Awards

Thirsty Suitors
(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

The PlayStation Demo Fest is live, as Sony gets on board the indie festival train just in time for The Game Awards.

The first is Thirsty Suitors, a genre-defying RPG that has you cooking, skateboarding, and doing battle against your exes. A Steam demo which launched earlier this year left us impressed with the game's breezy aesthetics and gameplay.

Then we have Season: A letter to the future. Described as an "atmospheric adventure game", it has you navigating and documenting a gorgeous world as a looming cataclysm threatens to wipe it all away. Good thing we don't have to worry about that kind of doom here on planet Earth.

Bramble: The Mountain King bears at least a passing similarity to Limbo or Inside - a side-scrolling adventure where you're confronted by unspeakable terrors. The devs don't want you to think of Bramble as a horror game, but the Nordic myth that inspired its setting offers plenty of spookiness.

Finally, You Suck at Parking. Whether or not that's true in real life, this is a physics-based racing… puzzle game? It launched earlier this year on Steam and Xbox (including Game Pass), but now you can give it a whirl on your Sony-branded entertainment device.

You can head over to the PlayStation Store to get those demos downloading right now. All four demos are available on PS5.

Steam and Xbox also have demo events live in time for The Game Awards, just as they have in years past. This is the first time PlayStation has joined the festivities, however.

Follow our Game Awards 2022 live blog for details on everything as it happens at the show tonight.

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