4 Bits Of Movie Memorabilia We Wish We'd Got For Christmas

Christmas presents suck. No really. You seldom receive what you want, instead getting a generic gift given to those void of personality, or a bestseller book written by an ‘up and coming’ author that demands to be left behind on the tube.

It's not like totalflim.com is a picky bunch, either. Film fans are the easiest people to buy presents for with no exceptions. A century of cinema has given birth to a wealth of memorabilia, and most of it would have deserved a place under our Christmas tree this year. Here’s some examples of things we guarantee you - and us - missed.

1. The Godfather quote poster

One of the most quotable movies of all time just became even easier to reference.

The poster is made up of the entire script of the movie, which will put your friends Darth Vader stills mosaic to shame.

Perfect for when you take down your decorations and your house suddenly seems bare and lifeless. A younger sister could have easily afforded this.

LA Pop Art , $9.99

2. Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 1

Given the sparse filmography of series developer Josh Friedman and the bland Terminator 3, we can forgive you for initially dismissing this series. We can’t forgive you though if you still haven’t got into it yet.

Give it some time. The first season is hardly a 24-like revolution in TV. The first few episodes aren’t great either. But after four or five you really get a handle on the fact that Friedman understands Cameron’s universe better than anyone else so far.

Best of all, it's now cheaper than that novelty cheese set our Aunty bought us from M&S.

Amazon , £14.99

3. Tickets to see Star Wars: A Musical Journey

Whilst it’s not the musical we originally hoped for, hearing a real orchestra play along to a condensed telling of the Star Wars saga still sounds awesome to us.

Fitting the twelve-hour epic into 120 minutes on screen, a narrator and the 86-piece Royal Philharmonic Orchestra will accompany the imagery at the O2 theatre in April.

Tickets start at £30 a seat and remarkably are still available, so if you didn’t have tickets stuffed into your stocking, the only conclusion is your respective other doesn’t love you enough.

View London , £30-£100

4. My Name Is… Inigo Montoya T-Shirt

To be perfectly fair, there’s about six dozen things available on Think Geek that we’d buy without a second thought if we saw it in a shop. This riff on Princess Bride was our favourite.

But really, any T-shirt from Think Geek would be better than the plain purple one your nan foolishly bought you from Asda, or the "I'm With Stupid" the Brother-In-Law thought was Hil-lar-rious!

Clothes shopping for someone else is a dark art. Our advice - don't bother. You'll only feel hurt when you see that carefully picked out T-shirt in Oxfam two days later.

Think Geek , $16.99 - $18.99

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