3DS box art for Theatrhythm reveals paid DLC coming to Nintendo Network

We knew paid DLC was coming to the 3DS eventually, and now leaked box art for Theatrhythm (the Final Fantasy music game) has confirmed pay to play content for Nintendo’s handheld. It seems the first rhythm game in the Final Fantasy series will bring Nintendo into the modern era of charging users for a la carte content.

The box also features a new name and logo for Nintendo’s online service. Is this “Nintendo Network” simply a re-branding of the company’s current service, or will Nintendo be expanding its online offerings?

Nintendo announced its plans to bring DLC and demos to the eShop a while back, but it was thought that Fire Emblem for 3DS, which releases in March, would be the first title to take advantage of it. Now it seems Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, with its February 16 Japanese release date, will do it first. Theatrhythm has yet to be announced for the US by Square Enix.

Source: Andriasang

Alex Roth