360 to hit 10 million mark

Monday 7 August 2006
Microsoft believe that sales of Xbox 360 will have reached the 10 million mark by the end of November, which means PlayStation 3 and Wii will launch in the face of what Microsoft is describing as an "Xbox Xmas".

"We'll have an installed base of around ten million plus before they [PS3 and Wii] launch," UK head of Xbox marketing, Stephen McGill, told UK industry magazine, MCV. "We had a terrific E3 that showed what a great future Xbox 360 has, that we're the only place for the breadth and depth of choice for games and it dispelled a lot of the myths around PS3."

McGill also believes the range of games and services that are available for Xbox 360 will make it a more attractive proposition than either of its competitors' new consoles: "Nowhere else have consumers got a better choice of great gaming and entertainment today, tomorrow and long into the future. I'm very confident this is going to be another Xbox Xmas."