360 Elite still plagued by faults

Several reports are coming in that the newly-released Xbox 360 Elite, which houses redesigned hardware within its slick new black casing, is still prone to break down.

The current Xbox 360 has earned itself a reputation for being unreliable, with higher-than-average numbers of consoles ceasing to function for no apparent reason. This editor is on his third 360 already.

It was hoped that the new 360 Elite would do away with these faults, but a number of disappointed early-purchasers have already been struck by the three red lights of death, while others have experienced consoles resetting themselves or making loud grinding noises while failing to read game disks.

Some even filmed short videos of their 360 Elite woes and posted them on the internet for all to cringe at.

All consoles have problems, but are these early signs that the Xbox 360's poor reliability record is set to continue with the Elite?

April 30, 2007