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30 Ways To Improve The Movies

The later the better

So the hours are unsociable and the overtime one hell of an overhead, but it's a shame that so many provincial cinemas shut their doors at the witching hour, even on a weekend.

A midnight screening, whether of the current hit or a classic horror movie, is one of cinema's most spine-tingling pleasures. Whatever your age, it feels naughty, and wild, and daring to stay up so late...and, if the film's halfway-decent, those childlike feelings feed into it to make the experience really special.

Adults only

The movies are currently going through a weird age-related disconnect.

The higher the rating, the likelier it is that the film will be juvenile schlock geared solely towards adolescent gorehounds. Meanwhile, it's the Us and PGs, trying to court the lucrative family wallet, who are turning out the most mature, intelligent movies around.

But there's still the small matter of kids shouting through the latest Pixar and chucking their popcorn around. So while it might sound vaguely fascist, maybe it's time for adults only screenings whatever its BBFC rating.

Choppers away

If everything else fails, there's one indisputable way of making any film at least 20% better.

Add a helicopter.