30 Reused Movie Props

Handheld M134 Minigun

Used In: Predator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

How Noticeable? They're both Arnie films, made around the same era and, oh yes, IT'S A HUMONGOUS MACHINE GUN. Difficult not to notice, even if you wouldn't guess that it's the exact same prop. Arnie probably just had it lying around in his shed at home and decided to bring it in to work for a laugh both times.

Dental instruments

Used In: Little Shop Of Horrors (1986), Batman (1989)

How Noticeable? Who would have thought that the doctor who fixes the Joker's smile in Batman got his wonderful toys from Steve Martin's dentist? Impossible to spot but the kind of movie trivia that can be used to impress/repel friends.

1957 Ford Custom 300

Used In: Psycho (1960), Halloween H20: 20 Years Later .

How Noticeable? Janet Leigh stands in front of her old car from Psycho in this Halloween instalment. It's particularly noticeable too thanks to the Psycho score that accompanies the moment. Not the "Wiiii! Wiiii! Wiiii!" bit from the shower scene though - that would be too on the nose.

Flying saucer spaceships

Used In: War Of The Worlds (1953), Robinson Crusoe On Mars.

How Noticeable? All flying saucers look the same anyway, don't they? Well the ones in War Of The Worlds are particularly memorable and you'd have no problem picking them out in a line-up, even with the new paint job they get here.

Playboy poster

Used In: Apocalypse Now, The Blues Brothers .

How Noticeable? The Colleen Camp Playboy poster was especially created for Apocalypse Now but somehow found its way on to Elwood's wall. It's pretty tough to spot though unless you're honing in on it for... um... some reason. Perv.

Freddy Krueger's glove

Used In: A Nightmare On Elm Street (1984), Evil Dead II.

How Noticeable? After The Evil Dead was shown on a TV screen in A Nightmare On Elm Street , Sam Raimi responded by hanging the original Freddy Kruger glove above the door of the tool shed in the scene where Ash takes a chainsaw to his girlfriend's head. It's pretty dark in there though so not all that easy to spot.

'Great Wall' set

Used In: King Kong (1933), Gone With The Wind .

How Noticeable? To film the fire at the Atlanta Depot in Gone With The Wind , many of the old sets that needed to be cleared from the studio backlot were burned, including those from The Thief Of Bagdad, The Garden Of Allah and the 'Great Wall' set from King Kong . Although, frankly you'd have to be a sadist to recognise them among the flames.

U.S. Marine AV-8B Harrier jet

Used In: True Lies, Avengers Assemble.

How Noticeable? The jet is pretty memorable in True Lies but who would have guessed that anything in the background of Avengers Assemble wasn't just CGI? As for noticing it, it's a special kind of person who fixates on what's going on BEHIND the big fight between a giant green rage monster and a Viking space-god.

Gold treasure coins

Used In: The Goonies, Hook, Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull .

How Noticeable? Gold treasure is seen all the time in films so who would guess that these are the exact same coins? In fact, who would guess that they use prop coins for this kind of thing at all? We just assumed gold milk bottle tops would suffice.

Stealth tank

Used In: xXx: State Of The Union, Transformers

How Noticeable? Impossible. It would require paying attention to xXx: State Of The Union .