30 Films Where Everyone Dies At The End

Beneath The Planet Of The Apes

The Movie: The remaining member of an inter-planetary rescue mission to capture the sole survivor of an earlier mission, stumbles across a planet ruled by power-hungry apes above an underground city populated by telekinetic humans.

How Everyone Dies: Critically injured astronaut Taylor unsuccessfully tries to reason with a controlling narcissistic orangutan named Dr. Zaius, and his hand activates an ancient nuclear bomb - destroying the Earth.

If They'd Survived: A human-ape coalition party would be initiated, wherein all parties pledge to get along. No is allowed to discuss the missing link. Or try to kill each other with catastrophic nuclear weaponry.

All Quiet On The Western Front

The Movie: In World War I, a group of German schoolboys are encouraged to enlist by their teacher, unaware the experiences and profound realisations they are to undergo are unlike any preconceived notions of war.

How Everyone Dies: All of the men are mortally wounded and die during battle.

If They'd Survived: The lads would have popped by for a cup of tea their old schoolteacher, whipping out their varying battle scars, and recanting their brushes with death so hopefully the old codger wouldn’t encourage any other youngsters to sign up.

Casino Royale

The Movie: Secret Agent James Bond is coerced out of retirement to put a stop to the evil SMERSH organisation after his mentor, M, is killed. His foolproof plan to trick them involves renaming every agent in MI6 after himself...

How Everyone Dies: An atomic pill swallowed by Bond’s duplicitous nephew, Jimmy Bond explodes, killing everyone inside the Casino Royale.

If They'd Survived: The original Bond would hire back his nephew to act as a triple-agent for MI6. Possibly with a different name.

Miracle Mile

The Movie: Two strangers, Harry and Julie, meet at the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles, and after their brief encounter fall in love. Arranging to meet for a date that night, the two go their separate ways. In the meantime, Harry intercepts a phone call indicating a nuclear war is due to break in less than 70 minutes...

How Everyone Dies: The helicopter the two are trying escape in crashes into the Tar Pits caused by nuclear blasts from several warheads striking the area. As the cabin fills with water, the sound of a final explosion insinuates they died.

If They'd Survived: Harry and Julie, ecstatic knowing they aren’t to be forever immortalised in the LaBrea Tar Pits, finally go for that real date they’d planned.

Dead Man

The Movie: Blake, an accountant on the run after killing a man, is wakened by a North American Indian named Nobody. His new ally accompanies Blake on a journey to the Pacific for his final venture into the spirit world.

How Everyone Dies: Thel is shot by Charlie, who is then killed by Blake, Conway and Johnny are killed and eaten by Cole, the Trading Post Missionary is killed by Blake, Nobody and Cole shoot each other and Blake perishes from his various bullet injuries.

If They'd Survived: Blake and Nobody would take to the road, helping those in need to experience true spiritual fulfilment.

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

The Movie: Bank robbers Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid head to Bolivia in the hopes of fleeing the law and continuing their criminal lifestyle.

How Everyone Dies: Fighting to the death, Butch and Sundance are killed when a hail of bullets from Bolivian officials take them down.

If They'd Survived: Leaving behind their life of crime in Bolivia, Butch and Sundance would head to Australia and open up a quaint brothel with Sundance’s paramour, Etta on the reception desk.

Sympathy For Mr Vengeance

The Movie: Deaf-mute Ryu, recently fired from his job, desperately needs to find cash for his sister to undergo a life-saving kidney transplant. After a back alley exchange goes awry and he loses his savings, Ryu kidnaps his ex-boss Dong-jin’s daughter for a ransom.

How Everyone Dies: Lim je-un commits suicide, Yu-sun drowns, Yeong-mi is electrocuted, Ryu drowns and Dong-jin is stabbed to death.

If They'd Survived: Dong-jin would be so relieved that his little girl survived a near-drowning, he’d re-hire Ryu as his right hand man, putting aside their petty differences. Like the time he tried to kill him.


The Movie: In New Orleans for Mardi Gras, a group of friends decide to splurge and go on a haunted swamp tour. Out in the wild, things take a turn for the worse when their boat hits a rock and the tourists find themselves in front of a legendary serial killer’s cottage.

How Everyone Dies: Sampson is murdered offscreen, Ainsley’s arm is torn off before his guts are ripped open, Victor dies when a hatchet hits his face, Jim is split down the middle with a hatchet, Shannon’s jaw is ripped in half, Doug’s head is twisted off, Shawn is decapitated with a shovel which is then used to impale Jenna, Misty is beheaded, Marcus’ arms are torn from his body, Ben’s arm is yanked from its socket and Marybeth’s fate points towards her demise by the end of the encounter (seen onscreen in the second sequel.)

If They'd Survived: The gang would leg it and inform the authorities that an air strike is needed over the swamp due to a bizarre lunatic displaying signs of necrotizing fasciitis trying to moider everyone.

Apollo 18

The Movie: Three astronauts are sent to the moon under the pretence of placing detectors on the planet’s surface in order to alert the US of a possible Soviet attack. Upon arrival, weird circumstances cause the men to explore their surroundings...

How Everyone Dies: Nathan dies after a creepy rock-monster gets into his suit and infects him. The same happens to Ben who crashes his pod into the Liberty module killing John.

If They'd Survived: Someone would stand to make big profits from tiny rock monsters which can be easily stowed away in hand luggage and used as manual weapons. Nathan, Ben and John patent the creatures and spend the rest of their lives blackmailing NASA while setting fire to 100 dollar bills. Because they can.

Easy Rider

The Movie: A couple of bikers, Wyatt and Billy, hit the road from Los Angeles bound for New Orleans hoping to discover the real America in the midst of the counterculture movement.

How Everyone Dies: George is beaten to death, Billy is fatally shot in the neck by a redneck after giving him the finger, and moments later Wyatt dies in an explosion after said redneck shoots out his gas tank.

If They'd Survived: Reaching their final destination of Florida, Wyatt and Billy would use their stashed funds to open their own commune with George along for the fun.

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