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The 25 best Disney songs to make your heart go bippidy-boppidy-boop

4. You're Welcome - Moana (2016)

Yes, Maui is cocky. When you're the reason humans have fire, wind, the sun, the tides, and the sky, wouldn't you be? Letting rip with all his accomplishments to the sceptical Moana, his confidence is infectious and he'll have you singing along with him in no time, your eyes lit up with glee just like Moana's. Moving surprisingly fast for a muscle-bound demigod, his energy is reflected in the song's beat with such precision that you'll want to be tricked like Moana. Or maybe not. Maui...he's sneaky.   

Biggest Goosebump Moment: When Maui starts his tongue-tying quickfire verse with "look where I've been I make everything happen" and descends into pure musical scatting. HEYYY!

3. Circle of Life - The Lion King (1994)

Co-written by lyricist Tim Rice and pop superstar Elton John, this is a stirring opening number for the Disney classic, in which future lion king Simba is born and welcomed into the world by all the animals in Africa's pride lands. Though it wasn't nominated for an Oscar, there's no denying it's equally as rousing as eventual-winner "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" (and less schmaltzy, to boot).

Biggest Goosebump Moment: The emotional crescendo, in which all the animals have gathered to honour their future king. Then DOOF, the title shatters things into silence. Chills

2. I won't say I'm in love - Hercules (1997)

If there's a prize for rotten judgement, you wouldn't get it for liking this song. Meg, the most stubborn, sassy, self-sufficient Disney women of all time wrestles with her heart, knowing how much pain love has caused her in the past. With the muses singing the truth behind her, she's blatantly disgusted at her own emotional weakness but can't help hoping that this time it might be different. 

Biggest Goosebump Moment: "You're way off base, I won't say it" begins Meg eventually admitting she might have feelings for the well-meaning Hercules. With a crashing crescendo and her voice breaking into growling threats before immediately softening, it proves just how scared she is of getting hurt again. Oh, Meg. 

1. I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan (1998)

Captain Li Shang (Donny Osmond) attempts to train his soldiers, including Mulan (Ming-Na Wen), who's trying to pass as a man, except she's beset at every turn by her fellow fighters. Oh come on, it's the best by far. Kicking gender-roles out of the window hasn't been more obvious than when Mulan figures out how to ascend the pole while the soldiers boom out "be a man". It's phenomenal. Catchy beyond belief and transcending any notion of gender, it's motivational, empowering, and sticks in the mind as stubbornly as Mulan goes to war. 

Biggest Goosebump Moment: The backing track falls into silence and Li Shang's vocals come to the fore, just as Mulan and her fellow soldiers start to actually resemble soldiers.