Two million Skyrim mods downloaded within Creation Kit's first days online

In the first three days after Bethesda's Creation Kit for Skyrim went online, some two million mods were downloaded by players, reports Bethesda. The company says its RPG was 2011's second-bestselling game (spoiler: the #1 title had modern soldiers and modern mustaches in it), and the response to the Creation Kit has given the title a new lease of life while we wait for the first DLC announcement.

Mods currently available include the Valve tie-in Fall of the Space Core, some Lord of the Rings weapons to wield against Skyrim's ne'er-do-wells, a fix to drastically raise the price of the game's books (finally!) and an Iron Chef hat and tunic made from dragon bones. If those don't appeal, there's only around 3000 other mods on the rapidly-growing database for you to peruse, sample and corrupt your savegames (oh yeah, save your game like ten times before you start modding). Any early reader favorites out there?