28 of the most favourite video game trees ever

The mana tree from Secret of Mana

"Like me its got a huge trunk and magic nuts." - ithurtstopoop

The pink cherry blossoms from Okami

"Every time I entered a new area, I had the obsessive-compulsive urge to hunt down every last tree and restore life to it. Seeing the area covered in beautiful pink cherry blossoms really added colour and vibrancy to each location. Also, the way that the petals move in the gentle breeze looks lovely too." - Clovin64

Mokujin from Tekken

"Mokujin. Does he count? He's made from a tree?" - Shane Erin Elvis

The trees from Enslaved

"My god they were stunning." - Euan Watt

The trees from Minecraft

"My favourite tree would be the one within which I made my first tree-house in Minecraft. I now have a veritable Ewok metropolis. All I need are some Ewoks. And a lighter." - barniebo

Sudowoodo from Pokemon Gold, Silver and Crystal

"You needed special water to make him grow I think." - Kurt Lewin

The World Tree from Tales of Symphonia

"It's got wood" - Thom Peacock

The trees from Mercenaries

"The immoveable trees in Mercenaries that taught other trees how to act when a tank tries to run them over." - bentyrer

The Deku Tree from Ocarina of Time

"His entire body was a dungeon and he was the one who started that awesome game." - Dracofang

The tree that contains Cleyra in Final Fantasy IX

"The tree is protected by a giant swirling sandstorm. It's inhabitants summon the great sandstorm by doing a ritual Irish jig. I'm not even joking. God I love final fantasy." - Richie Nugent

The trees from Battlefield Bad Company 2

"When they are exploding and being chipped away around you in battle looks great and makes it feel very immersive. I often get shot in the face by a sniper as I admire the scenery." - Callum James Newlands

The trees from Animal Crossing

"Every one of their fruits are worth at least £100, and every tree re-grows it's whole stock within a weekend." - Jack Duggan

The trees from SkiFree

"They hurt less than the yeti!!!!" - Demetre Constantopoulos

The trees from Black & White

"You can throw them at stuff, set them on fire, make instant planks, plant them in amusing shapes and all sorts of other things." - Peter Martin

The dialogue trees in Mass Effect

"They're so vast and branching." - Craig Fisk

The honey trees from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum

"I bagged myself a Snorlax in one of them... I like Snorlax. He reminds me of me." - Henry King

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June 23, 2011

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