28 of the most favourite video game trees ever

Listeners of the TalkRadar UK Podcast will know that every week we have a 'Question of the Week', in which a question is presented to the community, who then kindly furnish us with appropriate answers. This week's QOTW was 'what is your favourite video game tree and why?' Lots of people answered, so we thought it would be nice to compile as many of those answers as possible and make an entire feature out of it. This is that feature and it's called '28 of the most favourite video game trees ever'. Although some of the entries, like Sceptile and Sudowoodo, might not strictly be trees. But whatever.

If this sort of thing is relevant to your interests, you should give thelatest TalkRadar UK Podcasta listen. You might like it, although that's not a legally-binding guarantee. You'll even get to find out what OUR favourite video game trees are! Imagine the excitement. It's quite literally heart-pounding.

Also, sorry to anyone that replied to our QOTW but is neither included here or got a mention on the podcast. We can offer no reasonable explanation for that happening. But please enjoy this feature all the same.

The trees from Grim Fandango

"It's the best because it's in Grim Fandango." - Carl Griffiths

Harold the talking tree from Fallout 3

"From what I remember Bob grew from Harold's head and he then became rooted. He then became idolized by a cult called the tree minders and then I forget what happened. As far as trees go, pretty interesting and weird." - johnnylil

The Shenmue tree at the end of Shenmue 2

"It's the only tree I've been forced to think about for about 10 years waiting for the sequel..." - Mark Lawson

The trees on the beach in the first Crysis

"Being able to shoot them till they splintered and fell looked amazing and was a great precursor to effects we now take for granted." - ToyBoxGamer

The trees from Serious Sam HD

"I could spend hours cutting those fuckers down with the chainsaw." - Jake Denton

The trees from the original Far Cry

"Most FPS's I played before this game were murky corridor or urban affairs, while this was one of the first that broke out into a gorgeous, blue sky desert island paradise. It really was fecking beautiful and made you happy just being there. I remember spending ages just mooching around the jungles and shooting up the undergrowth. Amazing lighting and physics and all that." - Mooshon

Yggdrasil from Valkyrie Profile

"Beautiful music, amazing scenery and instead of going from left to right, you gotta go up from down. Then down, then up again. Awesome." - Myslitel Valsoray

Sceptile from Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald

"A tree that can walk, has attitude, will probably eat anyone it encounters, and just likes to mug people off seems like a winner to me." - OhMyJosh

The trees from Deadly Premonition

"Sexy." - Toby Bradley

The trees from Mortal Kombat's living forest

"The fact that they now eat people is awesome." - Zack Berghoff

The trees from de Blob

"It's nice to run into them and see them go from a limp, lifeless twig to one full of colour and volume." - jose2332

The trees from Super Mario 64

"Finding out you could handstand at the top of them was mind-blowing back in the day." - Gastric Titan

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