23 Xbox 720 mockups that probably got it wrong

Smooth operator

Another design that removes the edges in a style similar to Apple. That doesnt leave much room for little details like power buttons, though well give the artist extra credit for conceiving the box art too.

The four-hander

Yeah, this one has to be a joke. Otherwise, it was designed by someone with very odd hands.


The ghost

This concept art is so lightly colored that you have to squint hard to really see it in this slide. Even when you can, the look is so low key that it hardly makes any impact.


The compact

This looks like the second or third iteration of the system, once MS cuts all the fat. Otherwise, this 720 is actually a Discman in disguise.

The monolith

This one has more potential than most on this list, but it looks too much like a modded 360 to seem truly authentic.


The car seat

This one has some attractive angles to it, and the red is a nice departure from the Xboxs standard green. Still, hard to imagine this machines weird angles sitting on a store shelf.


The 720 U

Another design likely made when the controller/screen rumors were going strong. It certainly reminds us of Wii U, only the box seems to imply the system is only comprised of the bulky controller.


The perfect abs

This might be our favorite of the bunch, in particular because the black plastic areas make the 720 look ripped.


The dog bone

This one looks far too goofy, though well admit the design would likely keep perfect balance in horizontal and vertical positions.


Paper discs

The console reminds us of the 3DO (not a comparison most console makers welcome), and we appreciate the reduced carbon footprint of replacing plastic game discs with paper ones.


Henry Gilbert

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