23 Xbox 720 mockups that probably got it wrong

A skewed look at the future

The Xbox One, 720, Durango, or whatever it ends up being called will be unveiled next week. And unlike at the PlayStation 4 reveal, we bet that Microsoft will show what the console actually looks like when its revealed. Good news for potential consumers, but it also means the many fan-created pieces of concept art for the system will soon be obsolete.

So, before the work of these console dreamers is obsolete, we found a number of next-gen Xbox designs that probably look nothing like the final version of the system. Some are more plausible than others, but before reality intrudes, take a look at these mockups and feel free to imagine a system like any these under your TV.

The see-thru

Who needs a touch pad, second screen, or share button when you have the gaming equivalent of a glass bottom boat?


The widescreen

Based on the controller, this was likely designed a little after rumors broke about a screen in the 720s controller. Even if that ends up being true, the tower looks way too bulky for a console.


The Swiss cheese

The original 360 design had a nasty habit of overheating, something that likely wont be a problem for a 720 with as many air holes as this one.


Xbox Infinitely Huggable

This custom plush of the next-gen system is 100% impossible, but a part of us wishes all consoles could be as adorable as this one.


The plasma core

If the console can seriously emit green electricity whenever its on, well happily pay $500 for it.

The unimaginative

This one seems boring enough to be real, but we hope that the next systems doesnt simply look like a smoothed down 360.

The desktop fan

We like this minimalist approach to the future of Xbox, as well as the option of watching the disc spin. It reminds us of doing laundry.


X marks the spot

This additional view of the previous concept shows how the clever way the system uses the letter X to balance said system.


The sister magazine

Even magazines owned by the same corporation as GamesRadar got in on the act of visualizing the future of Xbox. Sadly, Xbox World was closed before it could see how accurate this system might be.


Henry Gilbert

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