21 Scariest Doctor Who Moments 3

15 Nightmare Landscape
"The Deadly Assassin" (1976)

There so much scary stuff in the Matrix scenes in parts two and three of "The Deadly Assassin" it's almost too tricky to pick one moment; each shock is partly dependent on the madness surrounding it. But for our money the two most nightmarish moments are the laughing clown whom the Doctor uncovers under the sand and the surgeon with the giant syringe.
Big screen relatives: It's like some bizarre fusion of Stephen King’s It, In The Mouth Of Madness and The Matrix.

14 "Are You My Mummy?"
"The Empty Child" (2005)

A child in a gas mask speaks through a letterbox and asks if you're its mummy. That sounds about as scary as a hamster. But somehow this is skewed into one of the creepiest moments in Doctor Who history by great acting, great direction, great scripting and, oh yeah, the fact that the child seems to be able to talk through a gramophone and make toy monkeys come to life.
Big screen relatives: Children have never been so creepy since Village Of The Damned (well, not on screen anyway… there are some in Frome who'd give gas mask kid a run for his money).

13 A Dalek Relishes Its First Gun
“Genesis Of The Daleks” (1975)

Davros reveals his latest creation - a weapon for the Daleks to use. One of his minions fits a test Dalek with its new toy, then Davros switches the Dalek over to, “total self-control” enabling it to be, "a living breathing self-supporting creature." And given this freedom, guess what it decides to waggle first? Yup, its gun. Then it swings round on the Doctor, identifies him as an alien and determines to exterminate him. The Dalek is only stopped by a scientist performing what can be fairly described as a career limiting move. Davros isn't happy. But we are. It's a belter of a scene, truly electrifying, and says so much about the Daleks.
Big screen relatives: The supercomputer in the Forbin Project learning to flex its powers.

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