21 new Xbox titles for 360

Wednesday 14 June 2006
Microsoft has added 21 Xbox titles to its range of backwards compatible software for Xbox 360.

You'll find the list below and, as per usual, the emulator required for each can be downloaded through Xbox Live or Xbox.com. It's a pretty beefy selection, especially with the addition of Doom 3, Star Wars Battlefront and the very recent Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

We're not too excited about some of the titles on the list, but it's good to see Microsoft working through as many games as possible...

1 4x4 Evolution 2
2 Amped 2
3 Bad Boys II
4 Big Mutha Truckers
5 Doom 3
6 Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
7 Fatal Frame
8 FlatOut
9 Grabbed by the Ghoulies
10 Intellivision Lives
11 Lego Star Wars
12 Minority Report
13 MLB SlugFest 20-04
14 The Punisher
15 RalliSport Challenge
16 Silent Hill 4: The Room
17 Spawn: Armageddon
18 Spider-Man
19 Star Wars Battlefront
20 State of Emergency
21 Zapper