20 stupid pics of Sonic riding shit

Above:A shitty attempt at forced perspective, or is Sonic really half the size of his hands and feet

Above: Sonic sets sail on the S.S. Who Gives a Shit

Above: Sonic rides the Cherry Coke express! SALES TIP: When peddling sugar to children, always be sure to hike up your shorts to the vertical limit

Above: Sonic rides a stopper usually used to lock in red wine freshness

Above: Would you like to ride in my moronic balloon?

Above: Amy appears to have made peace with her own death

Above: Surfboards go where Echidnas can't

Above: What's with the hand? The pose hereseems to imply an impassioned Scarface speech: “First you get the Money. Then you get the Power. Then you get voiced by Urkel” Speaking of comics...

Above: Riding a treadmill, as seen in the idiotic origin story from Archie Comics


Above: Sonic rides the shit out of his own pasta!
[FULL DISCLOSURE: There's a 70% this is not an official shot]

May 24, 2010

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