18 recognizable monsters in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


First appeared as: the initial enemies encountered in the original Final Fantasy. Also known as Imps, the Goblins were located around the town of Cornelia, and the poor saps were the first creatures ever to cross paths with Warrior of Light.


First appeared as: a plantoid enemy in Final Fantasy XI. They also show up as enemies In FFXIV, though you could have gotten one as a mount if you played the game in its pre-ARR form.

Magitek Armor

First appeared as: magic-powered technology in Final Fantasy VI. You'll first encounter Magitek Armor early on, as Terra, Biggs, and Wedge use it to assault the city of Narshe. Now you can get one as a mount of your own!


First appeared as: a normal type of monster in Final Fantasy II. Though they didn't have their infamous Bad Breath ability in that game, they did inflict various status ailments with their basic attacks. So, yeah--encountering one of these was a huge pain in the ass.


First appeared as: the unbearably cute body guards of the sage Doga in Final Fantasy III. Fun fact: initially, Moogles didn't say "Kupo" as they do now; in FFIII, they said "nyaa," which is the Japanese onomatopoeia for a cat's meow.


First appeared as: a normal enemy type in Final Fantasy XI.

Sand Worm

First appeared as: a rare enemy type (called Sand W) in the original Final Fantasy. These could only be found in the northern desert areas of the world map, as well as on the Bahamut Islands.


First appeared as: a normal enemy type in Final Fantasy V, though their names were mistranslated in FF games prior to VII. In FFV, they went by the name "Dingleberry" (yay butt jokes!), and were titled "Pug" in FFVI. Yes. Adorable pugs with deadly knives.

Yellow Dragon

First appeared as: an enemy in Final Fantasy III, found on the top floors of the Crystal Tower. We wouldn't be surprised if they show up in FFXIV: ARR's Crystal Tower raid dungeon when it releases.

My, how things have changed

It's pretty awesome to see just how much the latest iterations of these storied creatures stick to the original design. What other enemies have you encountered in FFXIV: ARR that we didn't mention here? Let us know in the comments below.

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