18 minutes of Hitman 2 E3 gameplay: come for the amazing crowds, stay for the satisfaction of a job well done

Hitman 2 might have leaked just before it's E3 reveal but the show has given us our first look at some gameplay, with Agent 47 out to get a race driver among some spectacular crowd tech. Hitman 2's release date is currently November 13 so it's not too long before you can try your own version of what's in the video. 

The two targets here are Robert and Sierra Knox, two former members of Providence that have since defected. The events of the previous Hitman game  originally started with 47's bosses, the ICA, and Providence as enemies but the two have since (kind of) worked things out, hence the current targets. We've cut the video after the first hit just to keep time down but there's plenty to digest here. 

For example, there's a lot familiar things like poison, costume changes and bodies stuffed in boxes, but the thing that really stands out in this new gameplay are the crowds. According to developer IO this Miami level is one of the biggest it's ever made with over 2000 people milling about. And, there's a new mechanic where you can blend in among all the people as long as you haven't blown your cover or there aren't any alarms going off. Other new things include the return of the briefcase for smuggling sniper rifles into levels (and this year you can use it to smuggle even more).   

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