16 nostalgic references to Final Fantasy games in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn

Cid (Basically every FF)

Ever since his initial appearance in FFII, Cid has been a recurring character just like Biggs and Wedge. His character and role changes in each of the games he's in, and you can expect him to play a rather big part in the story of ARR. You'll eventually encounter him via the main quest chain--and his airship is called the Enterprise, a reference to his airship in FFIII.

Milleuda Folles (FF Tactics)

You may recall encountering Milleuda Folles, swordmaiden of the Corpse Brigade, in Final Fantasy Tactics: once at Brigands' End, and again at Lenalian Plateau, where she was ultimately killed at the hands of Ramza (you). Turns out, Milleuda's back. In ARR, she goes by Milleuda the Slitter, and is now the leader of the Corpse Brigade. You'll find her in Southern Thanalan in the form of a sub-boss during a Notorious Monster FATE called Adventures in Throat Slitting.

Costa Del Sol (FFVII)

Naoki Yoshida, the producer and director of ARR, has stated multiple times that he aims to bring several locations from previous Final Fantasy games into FF14--and at least one of them is already in place. Around level 30, you'll unlock the ability to travel to Costa Del Sol, the lovely resort town from FVII. Other confirmed locations that will be coming to ARR include the Golden Saucer (again from FFVII), and FFIII's Crystal Tower, which will be a raid dungeon.

Cait Sith (FFVI)

Another recurring character in the Final Fantasy series, Cait Sith is available as a summonable pet in ARR for those who pre-ordered the game. He doesn't show up in his original coeurl-esque form, as seen in FFIV or the GBA version of FFII, instead appearing more like his design from FFVI and beyond. Awww, how cute!

Kain's armor (FFIV)

As in FFXI, you can choose to play as a number of traditional Final Fantasy classes / jobs in ARR. While all of them look pretty awesome once decked out in end-game gear, we couldn't help but make a Dragoon the second we saw its artifact armor, which looks nearly identical to Kain's armor from FFIV. Coincidence? Doubtful.

FFII Battle Theme (FFII)

During the main story quest you'll receive a mission entitled "Into a Copper Hell," in which you'll have to protect a young woman from a band of thugs. During your intervention, your ear holes will be tickled by the pleasant-yet-familiar sound of FFII's battle theme music. Well, a remix anyway, but still, it's unbearably awesome.

Wild rose (FFII)

In FFII, Princess Hilda is the leader of the Wild Rose Rebellion, a group Firion (the protagonist) and his party requests to join. Hilda denies their request, but provides them with the password "wild rose," with which they can identify other members of the rebellion. In ARR, the head of a secret organization that the player will encounter during the main questline also uses the password "wild rose" as a way to identify other members of this secret order.


There are certainly more references to specific Final Fantasy games to be found in ARR, and we're super pleased they're there at all. Have you found ones we've missed? And is the fan service working for you or is it a bit much? Let us know in the comments below.

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