15 Spoilt Movie Princesses

Princess Vespa (Spaceballs)

The Princess: Set to marry the intolerable Prince Valium, Princess Vespa absconds with her Droid of Honour, Dot Matrix. Setting off into space, she is beset by the Spaceballs. Whiny, rude and tempestuous, Vespa’s only redeeming quality is that she’s handy with a gun.

How Spoilt? Her bad attitude is proof enough of her sheltered, cushty upbringing. And everyone wants a piece of her, so she must be worth something.

Karmic Punishment: Being stuck with a robot who has the voice of Joan Rivers.

Rose (Titanic)

The Princess: Bit of a begrudging princess, but spoiled nonetheless. Just 17-years-old, Rose is originally from Philadelphia and engaged to rich bachelor Caledon Hockley. Her status as a princess is confirmed by the fact that she’s among the first to ever step foot on the Titanic.

How Spoilt? Just take a look in her wardrobe. Hint: there ain’t nothing in there from Primark. Also, dramatic behaviour like threatening suicide is just the sort of thing we expect from a princess.

Karmic Punishment: She watches the man she loves die. But she’ll never let go. (Until she does.)

Chris Hargensen (Carrie)

The Princess: Chris is that popular girl at school who everybody wants or wants to be (even though they secretly hate her guts.) Beautiful, popular and spoilt as hell, she’s also vindictive and spiteful.

How Spoilt? Rules? What rules? Chris will stop at nothing to get revenge when she thinks she’s been wronged. Hence her scheme to drench Carrie in pigs' blood in front of the whole school.

Karmic Punishment: During Carrie’s rampage, she’s crushed and killed. Harsh.

Albert (The Birdcage)

The Princess: Albert is an over-emotional, over-sentimental, over-the-top drag queen who performs as Starina at his partner’s club, The Birdcage. He’s happiest when he’s surrounded by pretty things.

How Spoilt? Albert absolutely cannot compromise on anything. It’s his way or the highway. Which mostly means his way.

Karmic Punishment: Being forced to pretend he's part of a straight couple is punishment enough in Albert’s eyes.

Veruca Salt (Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory)

The Princess: British brat Veruca takes full advantage of her weak-willed father to get what she wants.

How Spoilt? “Happiness is what counts with children. Happiness and harmony,” says Veruca’s mother. Evidently Mr Salt agrees, using his own employees (with the promise of a £1 bonus) to find his precious daughter a golden ticket.

Karmic Punishment: Veruca didn’t count on Willy Wonka hating spoilt children. Rejected by the Eggdicator as a “bad egg”, she’s dumped in the chocolate factory’s furnace.

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