15 game-changing uses for PS4's Share Button

Official World Record attempts

Guinness World Records could feasibly set up its own PS4 account, have adjudicators present to guarantee fair play, then stream any and all World Record attempts, saving the best on its channel and even its website for the whole world to see.

Trailers for user-created content

Created the most brilliant likeness of Chewbacca the world has ever seen in ModNation Racers? PS4s Share Button would allow you to capture footage of it in action, whether as a simple rotating camera head shot or gameplay with the content in action. Edit it together as a short, 20-second video and voila youve got yourself your own video advert, streamed from Gaikai whenever someone hovers over your masterpiece.

Never another dull loading screen

Why sit there twiddling your thumbs when you could be watching stuff? Imagine playing a sports game online, only while you wait for the match to load, you get to see your opponent's best goals before you face them for real. Share your best bits, submit them to the server and put the fear of God into your opponent before the whistle's even blown for kickoff.

Revolutionise the PSN complaints process

Someone being racist? Homophobic? Abusive? All of the above? Simple. Just hit Share on the pad and their tirade or hate-filled text message can be sent straight to Sony. All the evidence is right there. With everyone aware that their every word can be captured at the press of a button, after the event, the Share Button could clean up online gaming overnight. We cant wait.

Share slideshows

Everybody wants to see your holiday snaps. In fact, until you mentioned you were going on holiday, they had been feeling a distinct void in their lives. PS4 can fill that void, with the Share Button able to send entire slideshows to select members of your friends list, or to create a Ustream video of its amazingness that can be posted on your MySpace page. Or, more likely, Facebook.

Any-screen gaming

The Share Button could also be used to send the game being played to other screens around the home. Believe it or not, any internet-enabled machine with a monitor is (theoretically) a potential new TV for your PS4, so it neednt matter that X Factor is on downstairs. Using your home router, you could send the picture somewhere else in the house and carry on. Further than Wii U's GamePad will reach, too...

Thought of one? Do share it with us

What? Why are you groaning? Anyways, those are the ways we can imagine the Share Button changing our gaming lives for the better. And who knows where it might end? Maybe you do. So let us know in the comments.

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Justin Towell

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