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14 Greatest Format-Breaking SF & Fantasy TV Episodes Ever 11

11 Stargate SG-1
“Wormhole X-Treme!” (2001)

To celebrate its 100th episode the Stargate writers decided to do something a little different. Bringing back the alien-troubled Martin Lloyd (played to perfection by the always-reliable Willie Garson) from the episode “Point Of No Return”, "X-Treme” has him creating a television show using his garbled memories of his encounter with the Stargate program. The series, Wormhole X-Treme! is a sci-fi geekfest in which alternate versions of the SG-1 team have adventures, much to the real team’s dismay, while O’Neill tries to figure out if allowing the show to be made would constitute a massive security breach. As is the way with all these fourth wall-breaking episodes, it seems, there are cameos aplenty from the real-life show’s writers, producers and directors – and oh yes, another member of the DeLuise clan pops up, too, in the shape of Michael (to add to Dom, Peter and David).

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