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14 ways to win at StarCraft II

The elements of strategy: Fighty dudes and how to beat them



√ Packing an assault rifle, massed marines are a potent force against lots of the game’s infantry.
x Enemy Zerglings and Zealots will slice through your marines in a blink.


√ These guys dress in silly-huge armour and use grenades to slow oncoming heavy infantry.
x Being slow and support-focused, they vulnerable to melee attacks. Split open if surrounded by Zerglings or similar fast units.


√ Jetpacks make these perfect early-game base-raiders, their det-packs ideal for harassing buildings.
x With low health and only a pair of weak pistols, the Siege Tank or Stalker will shred them.


√ Genetically enhanced snipers who can turn invisible. Ideal for picking off High Templars or dropping nukes.
x Still made of weak Terran flesh. Zerglings‚ if able to spot Ghosts, can cut them down.


√ Can torch weaker foes - thus an ideal counter to an early Zergling rush, or for holding up an expansion.
x Short range and minimal armour means anything with a gun can out-shoot them.

Siege Tank

√ A research step, and the tank flips into a spider-ish siege unit, perfect for popping outside an enemy’s base.
x Surprisingly flimsy. The Protoss Immortal, or a group of Zerglings, will mince it.


√ A mech suited Arnie-alike. Can handle anti-air and anti-armour duties with Germanic accented aplomb.
x Infantry is its weakness, its armour easily overwhelmed by low-cost units.


√ A robot in disguise. Its main fighter form is good against carriers. As a ground mech, it kills Zealots.
x Easily downed when in the sky. The ground form is weak against almost anything.


√ Designed to fill its bowels with Marines before discharging them, healing them with magic sky rays.
x Anything pointing up will knock a Medivac out of the sky. Keep an eye on the micro.


√ Packs lethal air-to-ground missiles, ideal at putting down Roach or Zealot rushes.
x No anti-air weaponry, weakish armour. Stalkers, Hydralisks, or Vikings will swat down Banshees.


√ Manage it effectively and you can chuck down turrets to pin your foe in place.
x If chased by enemy flyers, it’s space-toast. The single turret it lobs is no match for a set of Phoenixes or Mutalisks.


√ Bristling with cannons and captained by a guy with an amazing beard and hat. Good for any assault.
x It’s slow, and the longer the Protoss Void Ray is on it, the more damage it does.

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