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14 Not So Secret Secret Sequels

Nov 6, 2007

It's hard enough keeping the simplest of secrets. But, when you're a successful, well known videogame developer, keeping a project locked down in the folder marked 'Confidential' is an almost impossible task, like herding cats. Cats made out of whispery adjectives and hushed verbs. It's just like that.

And when these closely-guarded secrets concern the development of sequels to popular (read: massively profitable) new games, loose lips and the leak-friendly nature of the Internet mean we regularly know a new instalment is being crafted long before the official announcement.

The devs don't like it, the publishers pretend it isn't happening, but we know. And, in case any evidence was needed to prove an already belaboured point, here's 14 so-called secret sequels we already know are in development. Spoilers, of course, are inevitable...