10 SF & Fantasy Movie Flops That Shouldn't Have Been 2

Mark Steven Johnson
Box Office: $179,179,718
You know the drill. Blind kid becomes lawyer and nocturnal crime-fighting fella, falls in love and fights a fat man.
Why it shouldn’t have flopped: Johnson's noir-infused adaptation not only has Affleck in perhaps his only impressive role but a scene-stealing Colin Farrell as the psychotic Bullseye. Michael Clarke Duncan too proved an especially fearsome Kingpin. And it's full of juicy in-jokes for the comic crowd.
Why it probably flopped: Unlike Spider-Man or X-Men, Daredevil has never been known much outside of the comic scene and Affleck's star was already fading by the time the film was released. The costumes a bit gimpy, too.
What should have flopped instead: Bruce Almighty – with great power comes great box office bilge.

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