10 taboos and the games that broke them

The taboo: Everyone poops, as we're taught by popular children's book Everyone Poops. But as soon as it's out of your body, it's a hardwired human instinct to become repulsed by bodily waste. While it's this instinct that keeps us from infection (not to get all biology-professor on you here, but that shit is unhygienic), this repulsion also breedsfascination, a self-perpetuating cycle that creates a taboo. And that is why we have 2 Girls 1 Cup.

Pushing the limits: Gamers eager for some R Kelly action (don't all stick your hand up at once) can receive a golden shower in Metal Gear Solid 2, and we recentlyhighlighted(and became deeply ashamed by) the iPhone app iFart. But that's skirting around the corn-studded heart of the matter: players with a jones for the hard stuff (what is wrong with you?) are urged to proceed to the ongoingVideogame Toilet Reviewproject, in which gaming's finest brown-smeared walls are toured like a stately home. Because the Internet changes lives.

Going too far: The easy answer would be Conker's Bad Fur Day, in which a gigantic stool hurlsshitwhile singing about his chocolate starfish. However, Conker was pinched out by Rare on a good day, and as such the game can't hold a poor-taste candle to Media Ring's Toilet Kids. Being flushed down the loo is actually a common childhood nightmare, but that nightmare doesn't usually take the form of a Twinbee retread featuring huge-bottomed spiders and two-story piles of poo. Or maybe yours do - that's your business.