007 Blood Stone launch trailer is shaky, somewhat stirred

James Bond 007: Blood Stone is out, and with it comes Actvision's Blood Stone launch trailer which features the secret-agent Brit in all of his face kicking, gut punching, car chasing badassery...

Sure it looks good, but does developer Bizarre Creations have what it takes to steal attention away from this month's Black Ops release? Sure! Er, maybe...

"...because Bond has such a broad appeal and such an aspiration-al feel about it, fans are certain to buy it," said Blood Stone develop Peter Collier in a recent interview. "We may miss out on the hardcore consumers that will go for Black Ops, but that's a smaller percentage of the broad audience who like Bond."

Blood Stone isout now where all dashingly handsome video games are sold. Our review is coming soon.

Nov 3, 2010

[Source: CVG]

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