Wristcutters: A Love Story review

The afterlife sucks ass in Goran Dukic’s existential comedy, set in a hereafter that’s like our world, “just a little worse”. If Zia (Patrick Fugit) had known he’d spend eternity working at Kamikaze Pizza, bickering with his roomie and getting knocked back by fellow suicides, he’d never have opened his veins. When he learns his ex has followed him into purgatory, though, he sets out to find her, kicking off a dark-hued road movie that plays like Jarmusch crossed with Bergman. OK, so it’s all a little self-consciously kooky but with an ace soundtrack that combines gypsy punksters Gogol Bordello with real-life plug-pullers (like Ian Curtis and Nick Drake, not to mention the dependably debauched Tom Waits as a magical oddball) this sure beats putting your head in the oven.

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