Worms: A Space Oddity - hands-on

Jan 15, 2008

Worms: A Space Oddity picks up where Worms: Open Warfare 2 left off: in space. The game follows your team of three pink little squiggles at a time through six space-themed levels. The levels contain six to ten missions each and chronicle the worms’ journey back to Earth. Why are they trying to get back to Earth? Well, you might as well be asking, why they were in space in the first place.

All of the weapons have been reskinned, renamed and, umm… recontrolered to reflect the kind of technology that the worms would have available in space, if worms had technology in space. As you know, there is no internet in space yet, so the game will be for local play only.

As for the weapons, don’t call it a homing missile - now it’s a guided frag. Likewise, the UFO has replaced airstrikes, impact frags are the new bazooka and dropships are natural technological evolution of concrete donkeys. There are about 15 weapons, scaled back from other more arsenal-intensive iterations of the series. The weapons are designed to be user-friendly for Wii players new to the series. Unfortunately, this eliminates a space version of the grappling hook, not that it would do much good in a zero-gravity environment anyway. Gravity still functions in Space Oddity because it’s necessary for gameplay.


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