World's biggest fighting game tourney will host a playable build of MVC3, gold joysticks

EVO 2010 will also award the top 8 players exclusive golden Mad Catz joysticks

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Elite fighting game site has just announced that a publicly playable build of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will make an appearance at this year's biggest fighting tournament, EVO 2010. There%26rsquo;s a good chance this will be the same build Capcom showed off at E3, with the difference being the game now faces a much more intense wave of scrutiny from the fighting game obsessed. Will the die hards declare MVC3 So Pringles? Or will they leave salty, lamenting thedearth of curly mustaches?

Above: Mess with the catgirl, get the claws

While there%26rsquo;s no word on how many units they%26rsquo;ll have set up for EVO attendees, there almost certainly won%26rsquo;t be enough for all the rabid fighting fans, so plan to stand in line.

The article also mentions that the top 8 finishersat EVO will receive ultra limited edition %26ldquo;golden%26rdquo; Mad Catz Fightsticks designed exclusively for the tournament. We suspect Justin Wong and Diego Umehara have already cleared some space on their shelves.

Above: Nothing says "refined class" like a huge gold joystick

The pic looks like a mock up, but these things certainly aren%26rsquo;t solid gold; of course if they were I imagine you%26rsquo;d lose circulation to your legs. The $20,000 SSFIV EVO prize pot on the other hand, is 100% golden.

Jun 24, 2010


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