Wii PES: The football RTS

Oct 12, 2007

Nintendo's Wiimote-driven motion controls offer plenty of potential, if a developer is willing to explore the idea. Which is why this video, while showing the same game we all know and love in PES 2008, illustrates an experience you've never had from any football game before.

Wii PES plays like a real time strategy game, a football RTS. That's because you can now exercise a dizzying level of control enabling you to launch any player on a pitch-spanning run, pull onrushing offensive players into deadball situations, use the 'free run' feature to unlock space on the pitch and string together passing moves that make Arsenal look amateur.

It all looks pretty confusing, it has to be said. But, with on screen icons and PES's traditional flowing action, we're confident that once you've grasped the concept everything will fall into place. In fact, the amazing possibilities might even ruin every other version of Konami's beautiful game...


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