Why Red Dead's Undead Nightmare co-op is as good as Left 4 Dead or COD's Nazi Zombies

Meet Undead Overrun. John Marston murderous, but amazing, undead multiplayer

Undead Nightmare%26rsquo;s single player is a big deal. Hell, if you%26rsquo;veread our hands-on, which features zombie cougars, flaming Horses of the Apocalypse, and a rumoured six hour story (which sees you shooting the hordes of the dead with a goddamn elephant rifle) you won%26rsquo;t be too surprised.

Above: Safety in numbers is a good idea... well, until zombies start to eat your face off

What you probably don%26rsquo;t know, is Red Dead: Redemption%26rsquo;s latest DLC also has a four player co-op mode, called Undead Overrun.And it just happens to match Valve%26rsquo;s zombie masterpiece and World at War%26rsquo;s stupidly addictive mini-game for amazing multiplayer mayhem. We were lucky enough to play a few matches with Rockstar at its London offices last week. All the details below.

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