Welcome to the Week of Geek

In an effort to show to the world that being geeky is a positive, healthy and mighty damn fun thing to do with your life, we at GamesRadar are dedicating next week to being as uber-nerdy as we can with an official Week of Geek. Going way above and beyond our usual level of insightful geekery, we're following up Shark Week with five days of the most unashamedly dorky, puristic and anally-retentive content we can come up with.

Every one of us is a geek. But don't go decrying that statement. The wrongly-maligned term is actually a compliment inferring a certain level of passion, knowledge and enjoyment of a particular aspect of life. The falsely negative connotations are merely a device of the world's knuckle-scraping jocks and bubble-headed cheerleaders, conceived as a way to take potshots at those of us who do interesting things that they can not. You know, like reading and speaking in sentences and stuff.

During the Week of Geek you'll discover our darkest, nerdiest passions. You'll see us pick pedantic holes in everything. You'll learn all kinds of obscure things about all kinds of obscure things you never even knew you wanted to know anything about. And you'll love it. It's going to be revealing. It's going to be lavishly nit-picky. And it's going to be fun. Who's in? Check out the complete schedule below.

Monday, August 10th

The Top 7... sexy text adventures

Tokyo's underground game bars

Tuesday, August 11th

Most accurate/inaccurate comic book games

Wednesday, August 12th

A celebration of C64 loading screens

Gaming's most incestuous soundtracks

Thursday, August 13th

The best TI-83 RPGs ever

How to play WoW properly

Friday, August 14th

25 years of Neuromancer: How cyberpunk became reality

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  • gatornation1254 - August 11, 2009 7:23 p.m.

    I always get excited for the theme weeks. So two in a row is great.
  • disturbedanomaly36 - August 8, 2009 8:59 p.m.

    didnt get the point of shark week, but this is the best week since week of hate
  • snothammer - August 8, 2009 7:53 p.m.

    I can't wait! TI-83 RPGs for the win.
  • Rattlehead - August 8, 2009 2:58 p.m.

    I can't wait. To quote McBAne "The geeks shall inherit the Earth.".
  • manaconda - August 8, 2009 1:10 a.m.

    that ti-83 article promises to be amazing. pimp quest anyone? such a great game. i almost failed math cause of it
  • NanoElite666 - August 8, 2009 12:53 a.m.

    Holy crap, I remember playing games on my TI-83+ while I was in high school. Never had any RPGs for it, though, so it'll be interesting to see what that article holds...
  • waynski1457 - August 7, 2009 9:02 a.m.

    Oh I am going to HATE that WoW article (my bro is a BIG addict, and hates that I always roll "Huntard"). But FUCK YEAH NEUROMANCER! Gibson will always be one of my favorite writers.
  • Vagrant - August 7, 2009 2:15 a.m.

    This one isn't related to another stupid American cultural/TV event I don't know, is it? (I only found out about the "real" shark week because of the Daily Show!)
  • Pr0fesserCha0s - August 7, 2009 12:54 a.m.

    Power to the Geeks
  • Frexerik - August 6, 2009 10:47 p.m.

    EPIC!! i cant wait!!
  • hardcore_gamer1990 - August 6, 2009 10:35 p.m.

    Actually really excited for this... 0.o
  • SophiaDragonMaster - August 6, 2009 8:27 p.m.

    Oh my gawd, geek week starts at my birthday! 8D Awesome. Geeks are the best yah.
  • Amnesiac - August 6, 2009 7:56 p.m.

    I actually programmed a very basic RPG for the TI-83+. Yep, I'm a geek.
  • lovinmyps3 - August 6, 2009 7:34 p.m.

    This should be pretty good. I already liked the thing about the jocks and cheerleaders (being a jock hater myself).
  • GoldenMe - August 6, 2009 7:16 p.m.

    WOO! August 13th= My Birthday! And after that is the GamesRadar 24 Hour Extravaganza!
  • KillDrone - August 6, 2009 7:03 p.m.

    Is this going to be a recurring thing for GamesRadar from now on? Week of Blank?
  • Cyberninja - August 6, 2009 6:40 p.m.

    whats next week of ninjas?
  • lucashintz - August 6, 2009 6:38 p.m.

    Sounds a lot better than shark week! But will b.buttercup make an appearance?
  • DEFAULT - August 6, 2009 5:12 p.m.

    Week of Geek? Well, the rhyming does seem to give a little more self respect than being a nerd ever did.
  • FlyinMX - August 6, 2009 5:12 p.m.

    Geek Week... I thought that would have been about every week. Just kidding!

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