We predict Lost

There’s going to be a game of Lost. You know it. We know it. Quite what that game will involve, though, is a mystery of far more, well, Lost proportions. A chronic lack of any real information may have hampered things up until now, but this year coders Ubisoft and Lost money-men, channel ABC, are going to be a lot more forthcoming on the info front, you mark our words.

Truth is, we’ve already nailed our colors to the mast by predicting how the game will look, play and feel. And the monumentally disappointing third season (fingers crossed it stays away from Jack looking moody in a cell, and Kate and Sawyer running around after each other... Yawn) hasn’t stopped us from hoping - praying - this turns out to be a game worthy of the first two phenomenal seasons. Either way, we’re so confident we’re right about where the game’s headed, that we’re going to go over those predictions again.


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